Unidentified Queen of Torture

Exposing the ‘Unidentified Queen of Torture’

Abby Martin interviews Ray Nowosielski, a reporter and filmmaker, about one of the chief CIA officers involved in misleading Congress about the nature of the agency’s torture program, Alfreda Frances Bikowsky.

The NBC News investigative reporter Matthew Cole has pieced together a remarkable story revealing that a single senior officer, who is still in a position of high authority over counterterrorism at the C.I.A.

A woman appears to have been a source of years’ worth of terrible judgment, with tragic consequences for the United States.  She dropped the ball when the C.I.A. was given information that might very well have prevented the 9/11 attacks; she gleefully participated in torture sessions afterward; she misinterpreted intelligence in such a way that it sent the C.I.A. on an absurd chase for Al Qaeda sleeper cells in Montana. And then she falsely told congressional overseers that the torture worked.

The same C.I.A. official became a driving force in the use of waterboarding and other sadistic interrogation techniques that were later described by President Obama as “torture.” She personally partook in the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the 9/11 attacks, at a black site in Poland. According to the Senate report, she sent a bubbly cable back to C.I.A. headquarters in 2003, anticipating the pain they planned to inflict on K.S.M. in an attempt to get him to confirm a report from another detainee, about a plot to use African-American Muslims training in Afghanistan for future terrorist attacks.cia-unclassified

Full story at http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/unidentified-queen-torture


Leaked CIA Memo: Bush knew US torture was ‘war crime’

Water boarding and stress positions… just two of the torture techniques used by the U.S. against terror suspects. Now, a secret memo has been leaked which brands them “war crimes”, and shows the Bush administration was warned against their use