Trump Behaves Like a Child

White House Aides Admit They Treat Trump Like A Child To Protect Him

According to a new report, aides to Donald Trump admit that they have to treat Donald Trump like a child in order to placate him. For example, they’ve admitted to using distraction techniques to appease him when they have no intention of actually doing what the man says. These are the kinds of reports that should spark some sort of action from leaders in Washington to remove Trump from office


Trump acting like a baby


According to details from the book, Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and the Storming of the Presidency, by Bloomberg’s Joshua Green, Trump grew irate over an article published on Aug. 13, 2016, and confronted Manafort about the report’s contents.

“How can anybody allow an article that says your campaign is all f*cked up?” Trump demanded of Manafort.

The article, titled “Inside the Failing Mission to Tame Donald Trump’s Tongue,” described an irate and volatile candidate whom aides were afraid to approach in person.

“You think you’ve gotta go on TV to talk to me?” Trump reportedly asked Manafrot, “You treat me like a baby!”*


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