True The Vote Witch Hunt?

Is True The Vote engaging in Witch Hunts?

According to this article, “True the Vote which has its roots in a Tea Party group (the King Street Patriots) has an obvious political agenda: block Obama from a second term by disenfranchising his support.  It’s become obvious enough that Congress is stepping in with an investigation”.

You can read about it here;

True The Vote Target Of Congressional Inquiry

A Democratic congressman has launched an investigation into True The Vote, a conservative Tea Party group that has attempted to purge thousands of registered voters from voting rolls across the country ahead of the November presidential election.

I think Republican efforts to try and stop people from voting is UN-Democratic and UN-American.

Voter challenging / purging / suppression is an assault on Democracy and should be treated as such.

According to statistics in this video, out of over 196 Million votes cast over a 5 year period under the Bush administration there were only 86 documented cases of voter fraud.

Therefore, it is clear that all of the Republican efforts to purge votes, pass UN-Democratic voter suppression laws, reduce the days people can vote and challenge voters is designed to disfranchise democrat voters to make SURE President Obama loses this election.

We fight wars to bring democracy to other countries while the GOP fights to stop people from voting here. The GOP is anti-democracy and anti-American.

This is making a MOCKERY of everything the United States is supposed to stand for.


True The Vote Barred From Some Ohio Polling Stations

The right-wing group True The Vote has been prohibited from monitoring elections in voting stations around Columbus, Ohio, and may soon find itself under investigation for fraud, the Columbus Dispatch reported Tuesday.

Conservative group True the Vote sues IRS over being subject to heightened scrutiny

True the Vote, a Houston-based voter watchdog group that arose from a tea party organization, filed suit in federal court Tuesday against the Internal Revenue Service over the agency’s processing of its request for tax-exempt status. The lawsuit, filed by the conservative ActRight Legal Foundation, asked the U.S.

Here’s a copy of the lawsuit

Even Republicans Are Ridiculing These Texas-Based Right-Wing Voting Vigilantes

Republican stalwarts have had enough of True The Vote’s silly, paranoid allegations. True The Vote, the Texas-based Republican voting vigilante posse, is facing what may be its biggest public shaming ever following a race-baiting witch hunt in Mississippi after its Tea Party candidate lost in the U.S. Senate Republican primary.