Tom Cotton Nuts


Tom Cotton was the traitor responsible for the letter to Iran


Sen. Tom Cotton’s Dumbass Iran Warmongering Comments


Several prominent Republicans have recently backed off from full support of the Iraq war, which is certainly a change of pace from just a few years ago. Tom Cotton however has indicated that he feels the Iraq War Was Justified

 Bush kept America safe, ignoring 9/11

Tom Cotton is constantly making hateful, unpatriotic, ridiculous, pathological comments about our President as he did in the above video.

The GOP Candidate Who Wants Journos Jailed

UPDATE: On Nov. 4, 2014, Cotton won a Senate seat in Arkansas, defeating incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor. We’ll update this post again when he runs for president. UPDATE: On May 22, 2012, Cotton won the GOP nomination in Arkansas’ 4th congressional district. On November 6, he won the general election.

Tom Cotton on women

It is this writers opinion that Tom Cotton is Nuts and unfit for ANY position in public office or government

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