Senator Lindsey Graham Sucks

Lindsey Graham Fed Up With Same Comments About Donald Trump He Made

When Lindsey Graham was running for president, he repeatedly said Trump is unfit for office.  His changing his tune shows he’s just another hack politician with no convictions.


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham sucks for blocking President Obama’s executive and judicial nominees.

When BUSH, was president, Democrats approved his conservative judicial nominees.  Republicans, has not behaved as graciously to President Obama.  They have done everything possible to obstruct and destroy President Obama’s Presidency with NO regards to the negative consequences to the American People.


60 embassy deaths under George W. Bush

For years, Lindsey Graham constantly made accusations about President Obama being responsible for 4 Americans dying in Benghazi at a US Embassy.

It is clear that Lindsey Graham and other Republicans constant comments about President Obama being responsible for Benghazi was motivated by partisan HATE, not facts.

It’s incredible that 60 Americans died under George W. Bush and nothing was said about that by Democrats or Republicans.

Unlike Republicans like Nixon,  Reagan and George W. Bush who were plagued with scandals, President Obama has ran a scandal free administration. Republicans are furious about that and have tried to pin everything and anything they could find to defame President Obama.

I am sick and tired of Lindsey Graham’s hateful comments about President Obama and I think Lindsey Graham is a Benghazi NUT..



The above poll proves that the American people does not like or respect Lindsey Graham. When I first heard he was running for president I found the idea to be laughable.  As usual, I was right.

Anyone with a brain could have predicted that he didn’t have a chance in EVER being the Republican candidate or president.  His running for president proves how totally out of touch with reality Graham is that he would even think he had any chance.


Lindsey Graham keeps denying he’s gay.  Seriously? He sure acts and looks like he is. How many guys who are 60 years old who isn’t gay has never been married and has no record of dating women?

Nothing wrong with being gay but trying to pretend to be macho by saying your for wars all the time to compensate for your lack of masculinity is being a hypocrite. He’s not fooling anyone except himself.

Lindsey Graham has proven to be a useless Party Line Republican Obstructionist. He does not deserve the salary the American taxpayers are paying him. He, (like most all Republicans)  need to be removed from office ASAP.

Hard to figure why anyone would be stupid enough to vote for this idiot.  In my opinion Graham isn’t qualified to serve in ANY public office, including the position of DOG CATCHER.

Tell Republican Senator Lindsey Graham what you think about his UN-American obstructionism and hateful comments about President Obama by calling (202) 224-5972.

Lindsey Graham would be doing this country a great service if he would just resign and fade into obscurity.

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