Republican Lawmakers Face Angry Constituents At Town Halls

Anger erupts at fiery GOP town halls


Republican Representative Tom MacArthur Gets Destroyed by voter, Jon Cavanaugh During Town hall Over Trumpcare


Republicans Face Their Angry Constituents (Video Roundup)

Congress is in recess, and Republican Congressmen are in their districts facing angry Constituents at Town Halls


Sen. Jeff Flake, other Republican lawmakers take heat in intense town hall meetings

Congress is in recess for two weeks, which means members are back in their districts with some holding town hall meetings


Republican Congressman Who Heckled Obama Gets Roasted At His Own Townhall


At congressional town hall meetings, citizens turn up the volume and activism

With members of Congress on recess, usually that would mean lawmakers meeting with constituents at home in their districts. But fewer than 30 Republicans are holding meetings in the face of local protests and rowdy town halls. Lisa Desjardins reports from New Jersey, where five-term Rep. Leonard Lance faced more than a thousand people, ready to let him hear their urgent concerns


From Ted Cruz To Mitch McConnell, Republicans Face Massive Backlash From Angry Citizens

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