Sarah Huckabee Sanders Behaves Like a Propaganda Minister

Rude, abrasive Press Secretary Sanders behaves like a Propaganda Minister for a Dictator by suggesting that journalists cannot question generals.

Like all of the other idiots Trump has hired, Press Secretary Sanders is one of the WORST I have ever seen in my lifetime (outside of Spicer & the Mooch).


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Called Out By Fox News For Her Lies

If Republicans had a “safe space” it would undoubtedly be Fox News. Fox has allowed Republicans to get away with all sorts of lies for decades, so it was rather surprisingly on Thursday to see the network call out White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for lying about the ongoing Mueller investigation.


George Sephanopoulos destroys Sarah Hckabee Sanders as she attempts to lie on wire tapping claims



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