Pat Robertson Making Stupid Idiot Remarks

Pat Robertson Blames Disrespect for Trump, disrespect for national anthem, institutions of the government and court system on Las Vegas Massacre.

Fact is… Trump, saying the Pledge and our court system DESERVE disrespect. Proof is one this site.


Pat Robertson overheard during a commercial calling someone a “homo” and strategizing answers on Larry King show


Video shows Pat Robertson Making  Idiotic Stupid Remarks


Pat Robertson saying stupid things


Video description from Youtube: Mr. Gerard Straub was formerly a producer for Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, but soon became disillusioned with that brand of theocracy. He was so incensed with Robertson’s demagoguery that he wrote a book called Salvation for Sale which exposes details about Pat Robertson.


Pat Robertson Appalled by MSNBC Success: ‘Rachel Maddow of All People is Number One!’

2. This is amazing. Pat Robertson is just horrified that MSNBC is #1 in the demos – can’t believe @maddow is #1.

Pat Robertson Appalled by Rachel Maddow & MSNBC Success. Bothers him that Fox’s propaganda is failing while MSNBC is exposing Trump’s & Republicans LIES