North Korea Sucks for Murdering Otto Warmbier


Otto Warmbier’s Parents Are Suing North Korea


Kim Jong-un and North Korea sucks for arresting 22 year old U.S. student Otto Warmbier, sentencing him to 15 years hard labor, then murdering him.

15 years for a college student who made a mistake taking a propaganda poster as a souvenir is an outrage. Caning… 30 days in jail would have been bad enough, but 15 YEARS?

Goes to show what a BARBARIC HELL HOLE North Korea is and why no one should even think about going there.

Former North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier dies

Instead, he spent 17 months there in detention where his family believes he was tortured into a vegetative state. On Monday, less than a week after returning to the United States with severe brain damage, his family announced Warmbier had “completed his journey home.”


Inside North Korea’s barbaric prisons where former inmate Otto Warmbier was tortured

The shocking footage comes as US student Otto Warmbier, who had been held prisoner in North Korea for 17 months, died just days after North Korea released him from captivity in a coma. The 22-year-old was arrested while visiting as a tourist and accused of trying to steal an item bearing a propaganda slogan, according to North Korean media.

I think the North Koren dictator regime of Kim Jong-un hate Americans, are jealous of us and took their hatred and jealousy out Otto Warmbier. For Otto Warmbier to have ended up in a coma, they must have beat the F*K out of him.

It has been known for at least 60 years that North Korea engages in human rights abuses, false imprisonment, torture and murder. It is therefore irresponsible of the United States Government to allow it’s citizen to travel to North Korea under ANY circumstances.

22 Year old Otto College Student Warmbier’s death could have been prevented if there had been a Travel Ban to North Korea.

The United States should implement an immediate travel ban of US Citizens to North Korea to prevent such an atrocity from happening again to another US citizen.

Even after Otto Warmbier’s death, I haven’t heard anyone mention that a Travel Ban to North Korea should be implemented…. another example of what an IDIOT Trump is and how his administration is INCOMPETENT.


Otto Warmbier Suffered Extensive Brain Damage, Coroner Confirms

His parents requested that a full autopsy not be performed. On Tuesday, during an appearance on the television show “Fox & Friends,” Fred Warmbier said that his son had been “tortured” and described North Korean officials as “terrorists.” After the interview, President Trump said in a tweet that Mr. Warmbier “was tortured beyond belief by North Korea.”

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