No More War!

Polls overwhelmingly show that the majority of Americans are against Obama’s proposed attack on Syria.  The Brits wisely voted down attacking Syria and we should do the same.

Kerry is not listening to the American people and don’t seem to give a DAM what we want.  He sounds like one of the biggest War Hawks ever.

This type of BS is why the US is hated in the Mid East and around the world… because we have stuck our noise in other countries business too many times.  You don’t see al qaeda attacking Sweden and other countries which mind their own business.

If we had minded our own business for the past 50 years, the US would be liked a lot better by people around the world and 9/11 would not have happened. We would also have abundance &  prosperity instead of having a crumbling infrastructure… and we wouldn’t be Trillions of Dollars in debt. Amazing that our “leaders” has never figured this out.

We are NOT the police of the world and have no business telling other countries what they can and cannot do. Obama nor any other American president has any business lecturing other countries about using chemical weapons when the United States has used unspeakable weapons of horror and mass destruction on thousands of other people from around the world as shown in the video above.

The ONLY time we should use our military is if our country is attacked.  Syria did not attack us so we have no business attacking them.

The United Nations has made it clear that a US attack on Syria would be illegal and if Obama proceeds, he should be arrested and tried as a war criminal.

Kerry, Obama, McCain and others can take their Pro Syria War arguments and shove them up their ass.  Americans are FED UP with needless loss of life and wasting Trillions on wars!

Any congressman who votes for this war should be exposed in TV commercials for having voted against the will of the people and all efforts should be made to have them voted out of office.

A Plea for Caution From Russia – What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria