Limbaugh Loses NFL Bid

Rush Limbaugh LOSES his bid to be part owner of  the St. Louis Rams NFL football team.

Just a few weeks ago, Limbaugh was THRILLED about Obama being unsuccessful at getting the Olympics in Chicago for 2016.   Since then, things sure has gone downhill for FAT Dough Boy Rush…

President Barach Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize… then Fatso Rush Limburger LOSES his bid to be part owner of the St. Louis Rams NFL football team.  (Karma must be catching up with Rush)

Let’s face it RUSH… people in the REAL WORLD just don’t LIKE YOU!   Sure, you got your nut cases, bigots and robots who listens to you, but people with a BRAIN who can think for themselves, know your full of  BS.

Like the song by Beck….  “You’re a Loser” (LOL)

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