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Trump Still Wants the Central Park Five Executed

The Central Park Five and Donald Trump

According to this article, two weeks after the Central Park attack, before any of the boys had faced trial and while Meili remained critically ill in a coma, Donald Trump paid a reported $85,000 to take out advertising space in four of the city’s newspapers, including the New York Times. Under the headline “Bring Back The Death Penalty. Click here to view the ad

The Central Park Five Ad Told Us Who Donald Trump Really Is

On May 1, 1989, Donald Trump published an ad in the New York Daily News calling for the state to kill five schoolchildren. None of the ” Central Park Five ” were older than 16. All of them were black or Latino.

Trump Attack on Handicapped Reporter Rebuked by Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep did a great job at the Golden Globe Awards calling out Donald Trump for making fun of a handicapped reporter

Trump’s Ties to the Mob & Organized Crime

Trump’s alleged mob ties

Donald Trump’s possible links with organized crime have been under scrutiny for many years. Joy Reid and her panel discusses the alleged connections

Did Donald Trump Commit Treason?

Lawrence addresses questions of whether Trump’s praise of Putin is treasonous with a look at history – specifically, an accusation of treason against presidential candidate Richard Nixon

Donald Trump and Sean Hannity’s Hypocrisy Over Wikileaks

Donald Trump and Sean Hannity were both against Wikileaks Assange. After Wikileaks Julian Assange helped Trump by releasing criminally hacked / stolen DNC emails, Trump and Hannity now loves Wikileaks Julian Assange, proving both are Hypocrites and they approve of criminal activity, which let’s not forget helped TRUMP get elected… another reason he is being so protective of Russia and Putin.


Trump personally encouraged Russia to engage in criminal activity by asking them to hack Hillary’s emails… absolute proof that TRUMP condones and has even encouraged criminal activity.

Trump Couldn’t Get Top Entertainers to Perform for His Inauguration

The Trump team had a hard time getting top name entertainers to accept invitations to perform at his inauguration.

Trump’s Claims About Saving Jobs Proved to be False

Trump’s Jobs Deal Falls Through With Carrier, Ford, AND Boeing


In December 2016, Chuck Jones, the head of the union representing Carrier workers, was attacked on Twitter for saying President Donald Trump was wrong to claim he helped save “a minimum of 1,100 jobs” at the plant.


Carrier Union Says Trump ‘Lied His Ass Off’


Carrier Union Boss Chuck Jones: Threats Don’t Faze Me


All In Video Title: Trump and the truth


MSNBC Chris Hayes – Don’t get Snowed by Trump jobs claims

Trump’s Chevy Cruze and Ford claims discussed

Trump’s Threat to The News Media

Rachel Maddow: Trump attempts to intimidate NBC News


Hardball with Chris Matthews: Lashing out at his perceived enemies, from the Ohio GOP Chair who had clashed with his campaign, to Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell Video: Michael Moore on Trump’s vengeful attacks

President-elect Donald Trump on Friday called for lawmakers to investigate U.S. intelligence leaks to NBC about information on Russian interference in the presidential election.

“I am asking the chairs of the House and Senate committees to investigate top secret intelligence shared with NBC prior to me seeing it,” Trump tweeted Friday, January 6, 2017.


Trump has had an adversarial relationship with most of the media since the start of his campaign and has frequently singled out NBC and MSNBC as well as individual reporters, including reporter Katy Tur for criticism.

The criticism extends both to the network’s political coverage and its regular programming. Trump has taken offense to the portrayal of him on “Saturday Night Live,” also owned by the network, and earlier Friday criticized the ratings of “New Celebrity Apprentice,” a relaunched version of his longtime reality show with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the host.

Also, according to this article (click here to read), Trump was officially fired from “The Celebrity Apprentice” so all of these factors may explain his desire to go after NBC.

Putin Exposed for Influencing US & Russia’s Elections

The US intelligence community found that Russia tried to influence the outcome of the 2016 US election by boosting Donald Trump and harming Hillary Clinton, according to the declassified intelligence report released by the Director of National Intelligence.

Click the link below to read and download a copy of the report;


Vladimir Putin not only engaged in tactics to incluence the US 2016 election, but   according to President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has a history of interfering in elections in the Ukraine and Georgia

Video title: Putin resented Clinton for calling out his rigged election

Rachel Maddow reports on the findings in the U.S. intelligence report on Russia that Vladimir Putin sought to undermine Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election because he blames her for fomenting unrest in Russia after he rigged his own election.


Video title: Trump favor for unpopular Russia raises questions of influence

Rachel Maddow relays reports of espionage and treason arrests in Russia and wonders what Russia has done for the U.S. to warrant favorable treatment from Donald Trump given Russia’s political unpopularity in the U.S.


Video title: Russia treason arrest seen as tacit corroboration of US intel

Rachel Maddow reports on concerns about Russia’s influence over Donald Trump, and the likelihood that Russia’s arrests of FSB members for treason is confirmation of some part of recent U.S. intelligence releases about Russia.


Hardball Video Title: Trump: “this is a political witch hunt”

Former Ambassador Michael McFaul and David Corn join Chris Matthews to dissect the intelligence briefing on Russian hackers and expand on Putin’s rocky relationship with Secretary Clinton.

Vladimir Putin & Russia may have influenced some STUPID, mindless people with their propaganda, but they sure as hell didn’t influence me for one second.

Intel Claims Vladimir Putin Helped TRUMP Get Elected

The US intelligence community found that Russia tried to influence the outcome of the 2016 US election by boosting Donald Trump and harming Hillary Clinton, according to the declassified intelligence report released by the Director of National Intelligence.


Putin resented Clinton for calling out his rigged election

Rachel Maddow reports on the findings in the U.S. intelligence report on Russia that Vladimir Putin sought to undermine Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election because he blames her for fomenting unrest in Russia after he rigged his own election.



Putin Ordered ‘Influence Campaign’ Aimed at US Election, Report Saysclick here to read

The WikiLeaks-Russia connection started way before the 2016 electionclick here to read

US Intelligence Agencies Confirm Russia Helped Trump’s Campaign

Russian Report Confirms Attack On US Election

Rachel Maddow shares the details of a Russian media report that explains that the reason Russian intelligence cyber experts were arrested for treason a year ago is that they were the sources that helped the U.S. figure out who was responsible for the DNC hack.


17 Intelligence Agencies Has Confirmed Russia Engaged in Hacking to Influence the 2016 Election, yet TRUMP denies it.


Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

Editor’s Note: The Washington Post on Nov. 24 published a story on the work of four sets of researchers who have examined what they say are Russian propaganda efforts to undermine American democracy and interests.

Republicans Try to Eliminate Ethics Committee

House Republicans reversed plans to  gut an independent congressional ethics board due to public outrage and pressure.  This is yet another example of how lawless and corrupt Republicans are.


Republicans Are Lawless and Corrupt

The above graphic proves Republican Administrations have always been the most lawless and corrupt.

Notice how out of all the Presidents listed, President Obama’s administration had “0” criminal offenses despite Republicans calling him “Lawless” and doing everything possible to GET him & Hillary Clinton.


Republican Trump has been in office less than 2 years and numerous members of his campaign associates and his personal attorney has pleaded guilty to various crimes.


Republicans vote down attempt to advance debate on Trump-Russia allegations

Republicans on Tuesday stifled a Democratic attempt to force the Justice Department to produce records related to its investigation of whether Donald Trump and his campaign had secret ties to Russia. A powerful GOP committee chairman said, however, that he would urge federal authorities to continue their probe.


Republicans stifled a Democratic attempt to force the Justice Department to produce records related to its investigation of whether Donald Trump and his campaign had secret ties to Russia. A powerful GOP committee chairman said, however, that he would urge federal authorities to continue their probe. This is another example of how Republicans are putting politics above country & justice by quashing efforts to investigate Trump and his campaign ties to Russia.

Rand Paul accidentally speaks his mind about investigating Trump

About a month ago, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) was reminded that he seemed to be applying easier standards for Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees than previous presidents’ nominees. The Republican Oklahoman didn’t make much of an effort to deny the allegation. “So it’s different now because it’s Trump?” a reporter the Huffington Post asked.

In the above article, Rand Paul admits he’s inclined to ignore the Russia scandal surrounding the Republican White House.

Paul said that Republicans will “never even get started” with major policy changes like repealing Obamacare if they are focused on investigating their colleagues.

“I just don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party. We’ll never even get started with doing the things we need to do, like repealing Obamacare, if we’re spending our whole time having Republicans investigate Republicans. I think it makes no sense,” Paul said.

Trump administration sought to enlist intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories

The Trump administration has enlisted senior members of the intelligence community and Congress in efforts to counter news stories about Trump associates’ ties to Russia, a politically charged issue that has been under investigation by the FBI as well as lawmakers now defending the White House.



GOP Tries To Save President Donald Trump, Attacks FBI, U.S. Intelligence

Rachel Maddow looks at how Republicans are enacting a strategy of undercutting the elements of U.S. intelligence and the FBI that are the underpinnings of the investigation into Donald Trump.

Sen John McCain (one of the last Republicans who has any principles) stated; “Putin’s goal is to undermine faith in U.S. institutions. The latest attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests — no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s”.

Look at this poll and see the damage Trump is doing to the perception of the FBI.

The GOP branded themselves with “law and order” and “respect our law enforcement,” but the minute their leader begins to bash them, they turn on them. No principles.


229 House Republicans just voted to keep Trump’s tax returns secret

House Republicans voted en masse to block a resolution that would have forced Trump to turn his tax returns over to Congress on Monday night. The measure was introduced by Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

229 House Republicans Voted to Keep Trump’s Tax Returns Hidden

Bannon Admits Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Were Selected To Destroy Their Agencies.

Campaign Action At CPAC this week Stephen Bannon, the Chief Advisor and intellectual heft behind the Twittering infant that sits in the Oval Office, provided a little glimpse of the future he has planned for all of us. In the clearest explanation…

Bannon Admits Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Were Selected To Destroy Their Agencies in the above video



Republican Joseph McCarthy – Engaged in demagogic, reckless, and unsubstantiated accusations, as well as public attacks on the character and/or patriotism of political opponents to further his own career in politics.

Republican President Richard Nixon – Criminal Watergate Activity, creating enemies lists and much more.  Details here

Republican President Gerrold Ford Pardoned Richard Nixon’s Criminal Watergate Activities

Republican President Ronald Reagan.  By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations.  More details here

• Republicans Rigged the 2000 & 2004 elections. This is the epitome of lawlessness. Proof is on this site

• As a result of the 2000 election being rigged which installed George W. Bush as president, Bush illegally and without provocation invaded Iraq, causing the deaths and injury of thousands of US Troops and Iraqi Citizens.

• As a result of the 2000 election being rigged which installed George W. Bush as president, Bush appointed 2 Conservative Supreme Court Justices.  Al Gore received 600,000 more popular votes than Bush so the majority of US Citizens wanted Gore as President and Liberal Supreme Court Justices.  Republicans didn’t care, they crammed the rigged 2000 election down US Citizens throats and pursued a conservative agenda.

Crimes, Misdeeds and Deaths

Per article at ( and copies found elsewhere on the internet, here’s just a few of the crimes and misdeeds of George W. Bush

  • Lying to the American People about Weapons of Mass Destruction to justify War Against Iraq
  • War Crimes: In the case of Hamdan vs Rumsfeld, it was proven that numerous war crimes have been committed by the Bush Administration in the war against Iraq, including the preemptive invasion itself. This does not include the unaccounted-for millions of dollars lost in Iraq or the unlawful management by the US State Department regarding the US Contractors operating in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Holding and torturing prisoners being held without due process at Guantanamo Bay and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal are also serious war crimes.
  • Deaths and Injuries: Causing the deaths of 4,475 Americans, 32,331 wounded Americans and the deaths of over 112,000 Iraqi Civilians
  • Outing of a CIA Agent: The outing of Valerie Plame-Wilson by the Bush Administration, admitted by the CIA as being a covert agent, has led directly to Dick Cheney and possibly directly to the President.
  • Spying on Americans: President Bush has admitted to his program of warrentless spying against millions of Americans in violation of the Forth Amendment and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).
  • Missing e-mails: Two federal statutes require presidential communications, including White House e-mails, to be preserved for the nation’s historical records. From 2001 to October 2003, the White House records system over-wrote all their e-mail files, and up to 2005, some e-mails still were not fully preserved. CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) and the National Security Archives allege that millions of e-mails are missing from White House servers. (It is interesting that the timing of these lost e-mails is when most of the major illegal Bush activities were occurring.)
  • Misuse of e-mail systems: Both the Republican National Committee e-mail system and the White House system were used within the White House to perform partisan political activities. As the White House is public property, it is against the law to do partisan political business while on public White House property.
  • Unlawful FBI Activities: The ACLU has released documents showing that the Bush Administration directed the FBI to expand the definition of “domestic terrorism” to include citizens engaged in nonviolent protest and civil disobedience. This is totally unconstitutional.
  • Firing of US Attorneys: This was a successful attempt by the President to use his US Attorney General and the US Justice Department for partisan political gains. VIDEO
  • Response to Hurricane Katrina: This was a demonstration of gross negligence by the Bush Administration. A major, obvious betrayal of public trust.
  • Scooter Libby: The President betrayed the public trust when he commuted the prison sentence of “Scooter” Libby.

Koch Industries was indicted by the DoJ in 2000 for knowingly dumping “at least 91 metric tons of uncontrolled benzene in its liquid waste streams” at its Corpus Christi refinery, and for conspiring to cover it up in an attempt to deceive regulators.After George W. Bush took office in 2001, however, “his Attorney General John Ashcroft dropped 88 counts against Koch for the benzene spill and cover-up” in exchange for a guilty plea to falsifying documents and a $20 million fine (a settlement from $350 million in potential fines.)The Kochs made out pretty well in exchange for their $32,200 contribution to the 2000 Bush campaign.  [Source:]


• When Obama began his Presidency in 2009, Republicans made an agreement to block him on everything so they could then blame him for failures they caused, so they could re-take the Senate and the White House. This proved they didn’t respect the “Will of the People” and they only cared about politics, re-gaining absolute power and to hell with the American People.

• Republicans routinely lie with impunity to achieve their goals and their uninformed base votes for them not knowing they have been lied to.

• Republicans has destroyed democracy by Gerrymandering districts all over the United States so they can’t be removed from office. To them, the ends justify the means with no regard to how dishonest or unscrupulous their tactics may be.

• Republicans Passed (or attempted to pass) Laws Legalizing Discrimination against Gays / LGBT people in states such as Arizona, Indiana and North Carolina.

• After the death of Antonin Scalia, Mitch McConnell & Republicans refused to do their job and consider President Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee, Merrick Garland, betting a Republican president would be elected so they could appoint a conservative Supreme Court Judge to replace Scalia.

A point which no one ever mentions; if the 2000 election hadn’t been rigged, Al Gore would have been President and he would have appointed 2 Liberal Supreme Court Justices.  Republican’s LAWLESS act of stealing and rigging the 2000 election is what allowed them to have control of the Supreme Court in the first place.

• Trump and Pence lied with impunity to the American people to get elected.


Trump Encourages a Foreign Country to Engage in Criminal Activity by Asking that they Hack Hillary’s Emails

• Republicans, Trump and Pence all seem to condone and have no problem with Russia hacking & stealing emails, and Assuage / Wikileaks publishing stolen, hacked emails because it helped Trump get elected and Republicans take control of all branches of the US Government.  Trump even encouraged Russia to look for Clinton’s 30,000 emails as reported in many articles such as this; Trump urges Russia to hack Clinton’s email click here to read

• In 2016 after North Carolina citizens voted for and elected a Democratic Governor, the NC GOP controlled legislator passed laws to strip the newly elected Governor of his powers before he began his first day on the job, again proving Republicans don’t give a Dam about US Citizens or the Will of the People.

This website lists over 290 Republicans who pleaded guilty and/or have been convicted of various crimes –

It appears the owner of the site was threaten because it’s no longer online, however you can still see the site due to it being saved by “The Wayback Machine” at

Boycott Donald Trump

Change channels anytime you see TRUMP or his Surrogates on TV. Here’s why…

• Trump ran one of the most hateful, mean spirited campaigns in history
• LIED more than any other candidate in history (Fact checkers found Trump lies up to 91% of the time)
• Trump couldn’t accept the fact that he Lost the Popular Vote by over 2 ..Million votes so he LIED by claiming Hillary’s lead was due to “People ..who voted illegally”
• Claims he “Knows More Than the Generals”
• Praises Dictators
• Admitted he Gropes Women and “can do anything he wants” to women
• Made Fun of a Handicapped Person
• Disrespected Veterans
• Vengeful, Childish, UN-Presidential Behavior
• Twitter Tirades at 3:00 AM
• Insulted President Obama for years claiming he wasn’t a US Citizen

There are some who say we must unite behind Trump for the good of the country. I say “No way in Hell!”

I’ll never forget how Rush Limburger said he wanted Obama to fail when Obama became President.  Well that’s how I feel about TRUMP and I make no apologies. Millions of Republicans never accepted Barack Obama as president… including Republican congressmen who did everything possible to de-rail everything President Obama tried to accomplish.

Unlike Obama, Trump and Pence set new records for LYING and engaging in reprehensible conduct.

This goes to show how low, rotten and immoral the standards have become where you can lie with impunity, brag about groping Women, threaten to have your opponent arrested & imprisoned, make fun of Handicapped people, be clueless about major issues, post vengeful tweets all over twitter and still get elected President of the United States, the so-called leader of the free world where there’s no real democracy and election are rigged by an antiquated Electoral College which rewards the LOSER of the popular vote with the Presidency.

I will NEVER ever accept Trump, Pence or any other RePukelican as my President. I want to see Trump FAIL and to be IMPEACHED.  That is what he & his HUGE ego deserves.

The MAJORITY of US Citizens Voted Against TRUMP and do not want him to be President. Make your voice heard by BOYCOTTING TRUMP. Don’t Watch his Inauguration, his State of the Union Address or any other appearance for as long as he’s President.

#BoycottTrump  #TurnOffTrump  #NotMyPresident

Donald Trump Unfit to be President


George Will: Trump has a ‘dangerous disability’

Conservative Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George F. Will joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Donald Trump’s “dangerous” inability “to think and speak clearly” and what Americans must do about it.


Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False

Politicians running for president are graded by Politfact and the order runs in the way you would expect it to if you find yourself annoyed when Donald Trump is speaking. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, is at the bottom of the list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements.

The above article claims that 91% of the things TRUMP says is false. Click here to read the article.


Donald Trump Destroyed as Fact Checker Reveals Trump Lies 20 to 37 Times Per Day

CNN’s Brian Stelter calls Donald Trump a “uniquely fact-challenged candidate,” which is a prelude to introducing Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, who fact checks every single word Trump utters and tallies them up for his paper.

The above article claims Trump lies 20 to 37 times a day

Click here to read the article

All False statements involving Donald Trump

PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.


Around 8/12/2016 Trump said President Obama was “the founder of ISIS”. That statement is totally false. According to a former Military official, George W. Bush caused ISIS. Click here to read the article.

Bush caused ISIS by invading Iraq and his unprovoked invasion destabilized the region by taking out Saddam Hussein. If George W. Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq, there would have been no ISIS, so once again Donald Trump lied to get applause, cheers and score points with his followers who hate President Obama.

Donald Trump made a statement to NRA members that “Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the 2nd amendment”. That statement is a LIE and was clearly made to score points with NRA members and the Republican base who hates Hillary Clinton.


TRUMP’s false statements at the Presidential Debate exposed


Trump’s False statements During the Final Debate


Trump’s False Claim About Stopping Ford from Moving Plant to Mexico Trump sent a tweet to his supporters and lied by taking credit for stopping a Ford plant from moving to Mexico when it wasn’t moving at all.


TRUMP’s bizarre behavior at the Presidential Debate exposed by Rachel Maddow


Video title: Is Donald Trump mentally ill?


Video title: Donald Trump is a Pathological Liar (May 31, 2016 – MSNBC)


Video: Two SHRINKS talks about TRUMP’s Extreme NARCISSISM

According to an article from, top U.S. psychologists like Harvard professor and researcher Howard Gardner have stated that Donald Trump is a textbook narcissist. The article states that “he fits the profile so well that clinical psychologist George Simon told Vanity Fair, He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops. This puts Trump in the same category as a number of infamous dictators like Muammar Gaddafi, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Saddam Hussein. And although there are narcissists out there who entertain us, innovate, or create great art, when a narcissist is given immense power over people’s lives, they can behave much differently”.

Full article at

Symptoms of Narcissistic personality disorder By Mayo Clinic

  • Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
  • Exaggerating your achievements and talents
  • Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
  • Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
  • Requiring constant admiration
  • Having a sense of entitlement
  • Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
  • Taking advantage of others to get what you want
  • Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
  • Being envious of others and believing others envy you
  • Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner


Trump, a Threat to Freedom of Speech


Did Trump Violate FEC Rules With Lawsuit Threat?

When Donald Trump gets annoyed with something, he has his crack team of lawyers handle it. Case in point: his current issue with the Club for Growth’s negative attack ads airing in Iowa, which use actual quotes from Trump in the past to paint him as supportive of national health care, imposing higher taxes, and his infamous 2004 line, “in many cases I probably identify more as a Democrat.”

TRUMP wants to stifle Freedom of Speech… threatened sue to over ad using his own words


Trump is one of the biggest Flop Floppers ever to run for President

Stephen Colber exposes more of Trump’s Flip Flops

Ex-Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg Calls Donald Trump a Con Man


TRUMP has stated many times that he’s going to “Hire the Best People”. The above videos shows there has been issues with people associated with his campaign which calls into question Trumps judgement.


Ted Cruz finally says what he really thinks about Donald Trump


Young Americans: Most see Trump as illegitimate president | |

​ By Laurie Kellman and Emily Swanson – Associated Press | Sat, March 18, 2017 WASHINGTON (AP) – Jermaine Anderson keeps going back to the same memory of Donald Trump, then a candidate for president of the United States, referring to some Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers.

Rush Limbaugh Ratings & Radio Audience Declining

Just like other aging celebrities, Rush Limbaugh had his day in the sun but those days are waning like his aging Audience. Now let me be clear in saying I have never disliked old Rush. I think he can be quite entertaining and amusing.

The day will eventually come when though very few people will even remember who Rush Limbaugh was. During the 1930’s & 1940’s, Walter Winchell was one of the top radio personalities. Now, how many people even remember Walter Winchell? Not many. If it weren’t for Winchell being the announcer for the 1960’s TV Show, The Untouchables, he would be totally forgotten. The same will eventually happen to poor old Rush.

Republicans / Conservatives may claim that conservatism isn’t dying by stating the fact that Congress and a majority of States are under Republican rule. The primary reason is because of Republican’s aggressive gerrymandering tactics which has been rigging elections in their favor since they implemented REDMAP (full story here). Conservatism rule will eventually fade due to the shift in demographics and younger age dominating the overall US population.

Church attendance in steep decline | Watch News Videos Online

Sat, Nov 19: Church attendance both Catholic and protestant is declining. A new study from Laurier University says that it’s the message is driving people away, it may no longer be in-step with what people feel today. Mike Drolet reports.

Most conservatives are church goers and church attendance is declining, a clear indicator of the dwindling conservative population.  Also, Millennial’s officially HATE conservatives and their backward values and thinking.  Other factors working against Republicans & Conservatives… their core base of older white Americans are dying off & becoming the minority due to changing demographics.


Here’s my absolute favorite video of Rush Limbaugh… being called “Brain Washed  NAZI” by an ex-marine


With His Ratings In The Dumpster, A Bitter Rush Limbaugh Attacks Jon Stewartclick here to read

Rush Limbaugh Is Facing A Big Pay Cutclick here to read

Rush Limbaugh’s most outrageous moments in 25 years on the radioclick here to read

North Carolina Republicans Suck

North Carolina Republicans appear to make one last attempt to stick it to incoming Democratic governor

This post has been updated to reflect comments from outgoing GOP Gov. Pat McCrory’s office saying they are not involved in this case. Legal experts say the timing of the petition to stop 2017 special elections — filed literally on the eve of McCrory’s departure — suggests politics is very much in play.

North Carolina Republicans Suck and are dirty no good rotten bastards for passing laws to strip the newly elected Democrat Governor of his power to Govern.  They are acting like spoiled brats because they lost and putting party above country.

North Carolina Republicans also suck for passing the controversial “Bathroom Law” against Transgender people.



FEB. 14 2017 UPDATE: North Carolina Supreme Court Blocked Republicans’ Unlawful Election Board Power Grab

The North Carolina Supreme Court Just Blocked Republicans’ Unlawful Election Board Power Grab

Shortly before North Carolina Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper entered office, the Republican-dominated General Assembly passed a series of bills stripping power from the governor and shifting it to the Legislature. Perhaps the most egregious of these measures deprived the governor of his traditional authority over election boards, a power Cooper planned to use to reverse Republican-instituted voter suppression methods.

Donald Trump’s Horrible Picks

Two of Trumps campaign promises and slogans we’re “Drain the Swamp” and “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer”.  As you can see by Trump’s horrible picks, his slogans and promises were lies believed by stupid, gullible people.

Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks are hard line Republican Millionaires and Billionaires who don’t give a dam about average Joe Americans.

Trump promised to “Hire the Best People” but is hiring the worst, most incompetent people imaginable.


Trump Treasury Secretary Pick Steven Mnuchin

Donald Trump’s choice for Treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, took advantage of the 2008 mortgage crisis by foreclosing on over 35,000 homes


Ads exposes how Steve Mnuchin took Woman’s House away.


All In with Chris Hayes Video: Trump Voters Home FORECLOSED by Trumps Pick for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin

Incoming Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin MADE 100’s of MILLIONS by foreclosing on thousands of homeowners who were railroaded by the bank to believe if they became three months late on their mortgage they would be eligible to restructure their home loans.

Who Is Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s Pick For Treasury Secretary?

President-elect Donald Trump has tapped Steven Mnuchin, a Wall Street veteran and hedge fund manager with ties to the U.S. housing crisis, to be his treasury secretary. So, how is this draining the swamp?


Trump Fills the Swamp With Steven Mnuchin

Trump chief strategist pick Steve Bannon

Rachel Maddow’s video overview of  Trump’s newly named chief strategist Steve Bannon, whose record includes right-wing media ventures and white nationalist leanings (quote from video description).

Trump’s Health Secretary Pick Tom Price


Rachel Maddow Exposes INSANE General Flynn for Completely Made Up Conspiracies

Trump’s Pick for National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn


Trump adviser Flynn met with leader of party founded by ex-Nazis

Trump adviser Flynn met with leader of party founded by ex-Nazis
The NY Times reports that Trump’s National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, met with the leader of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party, founded by Nazis in the 1950s.


Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick, Andrew Puzder Is Critic of Minimum Wage Increases

A article from the New York Times stated that Puzder sees “a role for government to provide advice to employers, rather than deterrence by ‘gotcha’ enforcement.  This seems to indicate that he be on businesses side like most typical Republicans and will not stand up for workers who are abused by employers.

Labor Secretary nominee’s company underpays workers, group says

Why shouldn’t Mr. Andrew Puzder become Secretary of Labor? He has all the qualifications to become a perfect fit for the Trump administration. He’s a billionaire. He pays his employees starvation wages. He receives an enormous amount of corporate welfare as taxpayers are forced to provide food stamps, Medicaid and publicly assisted housing to keep his low wage workers alive. And he knows nothing about the job he is about to take. Sounds like the perfect nominee.


Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: A Threat to Equal Justice for All

The next Attorney General of the United States will have broad influence over whether each of us enjoy the benefits, opportunities, and protections afforded by the laws of the United States. The Attorney General heads the Department of Justice (DOJ), which not only prosecutes individuals charged with crimes but also represents the United States in state and federal court.


Video title (The Last Word): Protests target Trump’s controversial Attorney General nominee

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for Attorney General, is opposed by Sen. Cory Booker, who will do something unprecedented: testify against him. Rev. William Barber joins Joy Reid.


Reasons Jeff Sessions Should Never Be Attorney General

  • Will not stand up for people who’s been victimized by the Police
  • Is against legalizing marijuana and would continue failed “War on Drugs” policies
  • Supports harsh sentences and Mandatory Minimum sentences
  • Supports the death penalty
  • Supports civil forfeiture and nonviolent drug prosecutions
  • Has made Racist Comments
  • Attacks on Civil Rights Groups
  • Voting Rights Act Opposition
  • Anti-Immigrant Extremism
  • Climate Change Denial
  • LGBT Rights Opposition


The real reason why trump picks Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson

Video title (Rachel Maddow): Exxon needs US policy change to cash in on big bet on Russia

Rachel Maddow shows ExxonMobil’s heavy investment in Russia, which it has yet to be able to exploit because of U.S. sanctions on Russia over the annexation of Crimea, and how a change in that policy could means hundreds of millions of dollars for ExxonMobil.


Rex Tillerson, 64, has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Tillerson, who has spent his entire adult life working at ExxonMobil, has no experience in government or in diplomacy. In fact, if confirmed, Tillerson would join an unprecedented and hard-to-fathom operation: in the Trump administration, the combined foreign policy experience of the president, Secretary of State, and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations is quite literally zero. Americans have simply never seen such a team.

What Tillerson has done, however, is work closely with Vladimir Putin, and spoken out in opposition to U.S. sanctions on Russia – the country accused of criminal intervention in the American political system. When making the case for Tillerson over the weekend, Trump boasted to Fox News, “He does massive deals in Russia.”


Betsy Devos Appointment as Education Secretary

Video title: Public (School) Enemy No. 1: Billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Pick for Education Secretary

Video description: Donald Trump nominated conservative billionaire Betsy DeVos to serve as Education Secretary. DeVos is the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and a longtime backer of charter schools and vouchers for private and religious schools.

In response, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said, “In nominating DeVos Trump makes it loud and clear that his education policy will focus on privatizing, defunding and destroying public education in America.” Since 1970, the DeVos family has invested at least $200 million in various right-wing causes. DeVos’s father-in-law is the co-founder of Amway and her brother is Erik Prince, founder of the mercenary firm Blackwater.

For more, we speak to former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch, Center for Media and Democracy executive director Lisa Graves, and elected member of the Detroit Board of Education Tawanna Simpson.


Scott Pruitt, longtime adversary of EPA, confirmed to lead the agency

“Scott Pruitt as administrator of the EPA likely means a full-scale assault on the protections that Americans have enjoyed for clean air, clean water and a healthy climate,” Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, said in an interview. “For environmental groups, it means we’re in for the fight of our lives for the next four years.”


Trump’s far right pick for Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who says Ben-Ami is not really Jewish

Stephen Miller’s authoritarian declaration: Trump’s national security actions ‘will not be questioned’

Senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller made the rounds on the Sunday talk shows over the weekend, and his comments about voter fraud have earned him justifiably dim reviews. The Washington Post’s Philip Bump and Fact Checker Glenn Kessler dealt with those claims in depth.


Mark Green, Trump’s Pick To Lead The Army Believes Being Transgender Is A Disease

Trump’s Pick To Lead The Army Believes Being Transgender Is A Disease

President Donald Trump announced his intent to nominate Tennessee state Sen. Mark Green (R) as Army secretary Friday, choosing someone who has spoken out against equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Green, who has sponsored anti-LGBTQ legislation in his state, is drawing opposition from advocates who question whether he can lead an increasingly diverse Army.



Donald Trump’s Incredible Cabinet of Deplorable Takes ShapeClick here to read

Rolling Stone Article: Meet President Trump’s Cabinet of HorrorsClick here to read

The National Enquirer Helped Elect Trump

Trump’s Cozy Relationship with National Enquirer

Rachel Maddow reports on the oddly cozy relationship between Donald Trump and the National Enquirer as the tabloid remains a cheerleader for Trump as it was throughout his presidential campaign.

The type of stupid, mindless people who buys tabloids like the National Enquirer & believes the stories they print are the same type of people who were stupid enough to vote for Trump & support him… and there’s millions of them.

According to stats at, the National Enquirer has a weekly audience of 6,965,000.



The National Enquirer Helped Get Donald Trump Elected President by posting articles complimentary to him and by posting articles demonizing his opponents.

Articles like the one above, claiming “Hillary is going to Jail!” and Corrupt, Racist, Criminal!” was seen seen by millions of people as they went through check-out lines in stores, painting a very negative image of Hillary in the minds of millions of people.

Apparently Trump was pissed off that people were calling him a Racist, so he retaliated by calling Hillary a Racist, then the National Enquirer printed the “Corrupt, Racist, Criminal” edition to help Trump.  The claim that Hillary is a Racist is a TOTAL LIE.

Throughout Trump’s campaign, Trump would accuse people of that of which he was guilty.

Hillary always was an advocate & defender of minorities… the same cannot be said for Trump.

Decades-Old Housing Discrimination Case Plagues Donald Trump

subscribe to NPR Politics Podcast podcast During the presidential debate on Monday night, Hillary Clinton raised a 1973 federal lawsuit brought against Donald Trump and his company for alleged racial discrimination at Trump housing developments in New York.

When Ben Carson overtook Trump as the GOP front-runner, the Enquirer published a cover story on Carson headlined “Bungling Surgeon Ben Carson Left Sponge in Patient’s Brain!” The article called Carson a “White House wannabe” and claimed he “brandished a scalpel like a meat cleaver!”


When Ted Cruz threaten Trump as the GOP front-runner, the Enquirer published a cover story on Cruz headlined “Ted Cruz’s Father Linked to JFK Assassination”

A Wall Street Journal article titled “National Enquirer Shielded Donald Trump From Playboy Model’s Affair Allegation” and claimed in the article that the Enquirer “agreed to pay $150,000 to a former Playboy centerfold model for her story of an affair but then didn’t publish it”


Articles that you see by the National Enquirer about Trump are Pro-Trump, with no mention about how Trump lies with impunity, his failed businesses, bragging about grabbing women by the pussy or any else negative about him.

So why has the National Enquirer been so Pro-Trump? As stated in an article by New York Magazine, “Trump and Enquirer CEO David Pecker have been friends for years”.  Click here to complete read article

It is clear that National Enquirer did everything possible to help Trump get elected.

So if & when things go horribly bad for this country with Trump as President, you can party blame The National Enquirer for helping Trump to get elected President.


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2016 Election Hacked by Russians

Rachel Maddow reviews some of the highlights of a lengthy report from The Washington Post that Vladimir Putin was directing a cyberattack on the U.S. election.


NSA Leaks Reveal Russian Hacks Against Voting Software Companies

A top-secret report from the NSA shows Russian tampering days before 2016 election


It has been determined by National Security experts that Russia has been involved in efforts to influence the 2016 election so Trump would win.

As we mentioned in the video, CIA Director John Brennan believes this is the case. In AP:

U.S Director of National Intelligence James Clapper believes this as well. In WSJ:
Those articles aren’t shown on screen but it was widely reported.

Some articles from the video:
NY Times



Touch-screen voting machines raise hacking concerns – Click here to read article

Republicans Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering


Most Americans have never heard of Gerrymandering and are unaware that Republicans has rigged elections in their favor for years to come through gerrymandering.

Republicans injected $30 million, much of it from dark money contributions into state races in 2010, often targeting vulnerable blue state Democrats in races that wouldn’t otherwise draw a lot of national funding. The plan was called REDMAP (full story here).


When the midterm elections were done, Republicans had gained unilateral control of 11 state legislatures, upping their total to 25. Between then and the 2012 elections, GOP lawmakers in these states had largely undisputed power over redrawing congressional districts. This helped allow Republicans to maintain control of the House, even though Democrats received over 1 million more votes.

The Republican State Leadership Committee issued a memo stating “Controlling the redistricting process in these states would have the greatest impact on determining how both state legislative and congressional district boundaries would be drawn. Drawing new district lines in states with the most redistricting activity presented the opportunity to solidify conservative policymaking at the state level and maintain a Republican stronghold in the U.S. House of Representatives for the next decade.”

Through Gerrymandering, Republicans has made it almost impossible to be removed from office in some districts. Since they feel safe from being removed from office, they have no motivation to compromise. They are pursuing radical right wing agendas such as cutting assistance to the poor, cutting planned parenthood funding and passing anti-aborting “War on Women” legislation when the majority of Americans do not support these actions.


Republicans are destroying democracy by Gerrymandering districts. As you can see from the graph above, a disproportionate number of Republicans were “elected” in relation to votes cast.

This is something you would expect in a Banana Dictator Republic, not the United States of America.



Rachel Maddow on Republican Gerrymandering and Disproportionate Representation




Politicians picking their voters is unconstitutional. Gerrymandering is an assault on Democracy.

Full article at –

This is yet another example of how Republicans rig elections… how they don’t give a dam about the will of the American people and how they use tactics to win, regardless of how unethical and unscrupulous the tactics may be.

Republican Gerrymandering Ruled Unconstitutional


Related Articles:

Florida Court Declares One Of The Worst Partisan Gerrymanders In The Country Unconstitutional –

Saving Democracy in Florida

The Great Gerrymander of 2012 –


President Obama TRASHES Trump & The GOP

President Obama TRASHES Trump & The GOP In Columbus, Oh FULL Speech 10/13/16

Payback Catches up with Chris Christie Under Trump


Rachel Maddow tells the sordid backstory of Chris Christie’s criminal prosecution of Donald Trump’s son-in-law’s father (Charles Kushner), and looks at new reports of the purging of Chris Christie’s work on President-elect Trump’s transition to the White House.

Some people has speculated that Jared Kushner had Chris Christie fired from heading Trump’s transition to the White House and firing everyone Christie selected for positions as payback.

Breitbart Steve Bannon to be Trump’s Chief of Staff

Video Title: A White Nationalist & Anti-Semite in the Oval Office: Trump Taps Breitbart’s Steve Bannon as Top Aide


Rachel Maddow’s video overview of  Trump’s newly named chief strategist Steve Bannon, whose record includes right-wing media ventures and white nationalist leanings (quote from video description).

Equal Pay Hands 50 Year

Article: This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in AmericaClick here to read

Article: This Is How Steve Bannon Sees The Entire World – Click here to read

Rudy Giuliani and FBI Helped Trump Win



Spencer Ackerman, national security editor for The Guardian, talks with Rachel Maddow about concerns about connections between the Donald Trump campaign and the FBI, particularly the New York field office, and the apparent willingness of some in the FBI to politicize the bureau to help Trump.

As shown in the video, it appears that Rudy Giuliani and the FBI engaged in SMEAR Tactics to torpedo Clinton’s Presidential Campaign. Giuliani saying “I think he’s [Trump] got a surprise or two” and “We’ve got a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this around” makes it seem that Rudy Giuliani, the Trump campaign and the FBI cooked up the scheme together to make an announcement about new emails.

Note that Giuliani stated “WE’VE got a couple of things up OUR sleeves that should turn this around” , then 2 days later the FBI made an announcement about new emails which did turn things around to the point that Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers plummeted from a double digit lead, to no lead and her then losing the election.


Reporter talks about Rudy Giuliani’s Connections to the FBI



The above article states “Rudy Giuliani said Friday that he knew the FBI planned to review more emails tied to Hillary Clinton before a public announcement about the investigation last week, confirming that the agency leaked information to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign”. Click here to read article



Giuliani brags about connections to reactionary FBI agents

The FBI’s “Ethics and Integrity Program” guide stipulates to its employees that they may not use “any influence arising from [their] Federal position … in concert with any campaign.” More broadly, it says, “FBI employees must never use their FBI title or position in any way to advance any particular partisan activity.”

Does leaking unflattering information about Hillary Clinton to one of Donald Trump’s top advisers count as working in concert with a campaign and/or advancing a partisan activity? It would seem that Rudy Giuliani understands that that might be the case, because when he went on Fox on Friday he denied that he’s in touch with current agents. “I’m real careful not to talk to any on-duty, active FBI agents,” he claimed, despite having attested at least twice in recent months to having done so. Click here to read article



The book & video, Clinton Cash has fueled conspiracy theories and hate against the Clinton’s. It was published just as Hillary Clinton was announcing her campaign for the presidency. The above article mentions that a FBI Investigation into the Clinton Foundation was based mostly on information that had surfaced in news stories and the book Clinton Cash. Click here to read the article

As mentioned in the Rachel Maddow video at the top of this page, much of the material Donald Trump and other haters use to claim Hillary Clinton is “Crooked” and “Corrupt” appear to come from Clinton Cash. Fact checkers such as Media Matters has found Twenty-Plus Errors, Fabrications, And Distortions in the material.

According to an article posted by, when pressed by This Week’s George Stephanopoulos, Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer admitted that he has no evidence of Clinton Crimes. Click here to read the article



According to a Reuters article (above), the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies are examining faked documents aimed at discrediting the Hillary Clinton campaign as part of a broader investigation into what U.S. officials believe has been an attempt by Russia to disrupt the presidential election. Click here to head article


Article: The FBI’s Clinton smear campaign is no surprise and has echoes of the ’90  Click here to read article

Article: Investigate FBI Leaks to Rudy Giuliani, Top Democrats Tell Justice Department Click here to read article

Elections Rigged by Electoral College

Like Donald Trump has said numerous times “It’s a Rigged System” and that rigged system helped elect him to be president.

For the second time in the past 16 years, a candidate who received less popular votes has been handed the presidency. In 2000, Al Gore received almost 600,000 more votes than George W. Bush, yet Bush received more electoral votes (in part due to his brother Jeb, illegally purging thousands voters off the rolls) and was handed the presidency.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton received almost 500,000 more votes than Donald Trump, yet Trump received more Electoral votes and was was handed the presidency.

Click Here to sign the Petition to Abolish the Electoral College

Electoral College vote rigged for Donald Trump Click here to read the article

This article lists 9 ways elections are riggedClick here to read article


Hitler finds out Donald Trump won the presidential election

Hitler Rant Parody showing his reaction when he finds out Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election

Republican Evangelicals Exposed as Hypocrites by Trump

Republican Religious Fanatics & Evangelicals proved themselves to be Hypocrites for voting for Trump because Trump is a non-religious person who has shamelessly broken every one of the ten commandments and has made no apologizes for doing so

Trump Supporters Are Stupid

Video shows how incredibly stupid Trump supporters are


Proof That Donald Trump’s Supporters Are Nuts put together a great video of actual Trump supporters saying some of the most ridiculous reasons of why they want him to be president


It is absolutely incredible that almost half of the people in the United States are so stupid that they voted for Donald Trump who Lies with Impunity, Exhibits Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is one of the biggest braggarts, Has no Humility, Rarely Apologies, Insults & Engages in Character Assassinations of Opponents, Praises Dictators, is for Passing Anti-Woman’s Choice Laws & Will Appoint Anti-Choice Justices in the Supreme Court, Wants to Limit Freedom of Speech. Is a Threat to the 1st. Amendment & Democracy, Sues People Who Speaks Out Against Him to Silence & Harass them and so much more.

Donald Trump has ran the most hateful, mean spirited election in the history of the United States. A reasonable person would reject his hateful rhetoric and lies.


10 Things Trump Supporters Are Too Stupid To Realize

But they sure are tools… Enough is enough, Trump supporters. We’re done! America has had enough of you. As Hillary Clinton said, “¡Basta!” You refuse to listen to reason, you refuse to absorb any actual facts, and the low-information voter routine got old well before it even began.

Analysis | 86 percent of Trump counties make less in a year than 27 Trump staffers are worth

Financial reports released by the Trump administration indicate that 27 staffers who work for him are worth a combined $2.3 billion thanks to real estate, investments and hefty salaries. How much is $2.3 billion? Here’s one way to look at it.

Neanderthals for Trump: How our primitive brains are ruining American politics

The historian Rick Shenkman is editor and publisher of the indispensable website History News Network. I’m a fan and recently had the pleasure of reading his latest book, Political Animals: How Our Stone-age Brain Gets in the Way of Smart Politics .

5 Ways In Which Trump Supporters Are Like Cult Followers

It’s been stunning to watch this election season going back to last July when Donald Trump entered the race. Many people (myself included) laughed. There wasn’t anybody who took him seriously or thought he had a shot (Yeah that includes you, Joe Scarborough). He was a joke and his mouth was going to end his campaign fast.

Poll: 60 percent of Trump supporters believe Obama is Muslim

Sixty percent of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s supporters believe President Barack Obama is Muslim and only 6 percent believe he is Christian, according to a new poll. Nearly three-quarters of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s supporters correctly identify Obama as a Christian while 5 percent believe he is Muslim, the poll by Zogby Analytics, a nonpartisan research firm based in upstate New York, found.

60 percent of Trump supporters are so stupid they believe Obama is Muslim


Video title: PPP Poll: President Donald Trump’s Base Deluded By False Facts

Rachel Maddow gives an exclusive first look at the latest PPP poll showing Donald Trump with historically low approval ratings and that most Americans do not believe his lies about inauguration numbers, though his supporters do

Trump supporters are so stupid that they voted for an idiot who cannot give detailed answers as to what he would do to fix any problem he’s asked about.


Research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario.

Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice.

Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy. The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults.

Trump LIES with Impunity

Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False

Politicians running for president are graded by Politfact and the order runs in the way you would expect it to if you find yourself annoyed when Donald Trump is speaking. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, is at the bottom of the list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements.

Donald Trump Destroyed as Fact Checker Reveals Trump Lies 20 to 37 Times Per Day

CNN’s Brian Stelter calls Donald Trump a “uniquely fact-challenged candidate,” which is a prelude to introducing Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, who fact checks every single word Trump utters and tallies them up for his paper.


Trump’s false statements at the Presidential Debates


Trump Exhibits Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Trump is one of the biggest Flop Floppers ever to run for President


Ex-Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg Calls Donald Trump a Con Man


Trump University Scandal


Eight Women Accuse Trump of Assault


176 Shocking Things Donald Trump Has Done This Election



As you can see from the list above, Republicans has done tremendous damage to the United States and the American people.

Stupid people who are voting for Trump and Republicans must not be aware of all the rotten things Republicans has done against them and the United States.

Why Republicans Embrace Simpletons and How it Hurts America


WikiLeaks Julian Assange Sucks


Julian Assange is reported to be residing at the Embassy of Ecuador in London

According to various articles Julian Assange is ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ by the U.S. Government and is considered to be a “high-tech” terrorist.

According to a CNN article, “US authorities have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange“. Details here...

Julian Assange should be arrested for assisting the Russians in publishing criminally stolen documents to help Trump get elected.


11/14/17 UPDATE: The 2 videos below show Julian Assange was DIRECTLY involved in helping Trump get elected President

Trump Junior exposed for contacts with Wikileaks during campaign

Rachel Maddow reports on yet another new revelation of contact between the Trump campaign and Russia and its operatives, this time between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks, and shows the growing body of reporting about the Trump campaign interacting with Wikileaks.


ABC NEWS: Donald Trump Jr. had secret communications with WikiLeaks

The messages began during the campaign, and his emails reveal that campaign officials knew about his contacts with WikiLeaks.

Assange will be partly to blame for Women’s Rights and Freedom of Speech being destroyed in the United States if those rights are taken away. Trump has stated that Freedom of Speech should be limited and is for passing Anti-Choice Legislation. Trump has stated he will appoint Anti-Choice Judges to the Supreme Court.

Julian Assange is also helping Republicans, who has rigged two elections, engaged in voter obstruction, blocked President Obama on everything during his entire presidency, who has refused to even consider his Supreme Court Nominee, who wants to cut social security, medicaid, medicare and so many other destructive things they have done, take over the United States government.


CIA Director Mike Pompeo in a speech called WikiLeaks a “hostile intelligence service” aided by Russia and accused WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of making “common cause with dictators and it overwhelmingly focuses on the United States, while seeking support from anti-democratic countries and organizations”.

Director Pompeo stated; “It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: A non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia” AND “WikiLeaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service”.


By contrast, Trump stated “I love WikiLeaks” because WikiLeaks Julian Assange helped him to become president.


Trump further proved to be lawless by requesting a foreign government (Russia) to engage in Espionage when he stated;

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find 30K emails that are missing”.

Trump has proven that lawless, treasonous actions & conduct mean nothing to him, as long as he’s being helped by those actions & conduct.


WikiLeaks Julian Assange Helped the Worst Candidate in US History to Become President

Julian Assange Helped a Candidate who LIES with Impunity

Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False

Politicians running for president are graded by Politfact and the order runs in the way you would expect it to if you find yourself annoyed when Donald Trump is speaking. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, is at the bottom of the list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements.

The above article claims that 91% of the things TRUMP says is false. Click here to read the article.

Donald Trump Destroyed as Fact Checker Reveals Trump Lies 20 to 37 Times Per Day

CNN’s Brian Stelter calls Donald Trump a “uniquely fact-challenged candidate,” which is a prelude to introducing Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, who fact checks every single word Trump utters and tallies them up for his paper.

The above article claims Trump lies 20 to 37 times a day. Click here to read the article


Trump’s false statements at the Presidential Debates


Trump Exhibits Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Trump is one of the biggest Flop Floppers ever to run for President


Ex-Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg Calls Donald Trump a Con Man


Trump University Scandal


Women Accuse Trump of Assault

Trump stated numerous times when he was campaigning that these women’s claims were false and claimed he was going to file lawsuits against them. So far, no lawsuits filed, perhaps because he knows what a scandal it would be for these women’s testimony to be seen by the entire world.  These women could all testify for each other to bolster each others claims.


History of Violence


176 Shocking Things Donald Trump Has Done This Election


Jailing Hillary!? Trump’s Outrageous Case for Dictatorship


Why Donald Trump is Obsessed with Dictators


Donald Trump and His Uncanny Resemblance to Horror


Reports that Russia is trying to disrupt our election. Is Donald Trump a Russian Agent?


VIDEO TITLE: Newsweek: US allies concerned about Trump possibility

Newsweek cover story by Kurt Eichenwald, “Why the Russians are Backing Trump.”


Intel report: Putin aspired to help Trump


As you can see from the list above, Republicans has done tremendous damage to the United States and the American people.


FBI Examining Faked Documents Aimed at Discrediting Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies are examining faked documents aimed at discrediting the Hillary Clinton campaign as part of a broader investigation into what U.S. officials believe has been an attempt by Russia to disrupt the presidential election. Click here to read article

Our Democracy is under assault by Julian Assang and Russia. By trying to influence our election by releasing hacked & stolen emails, Julian Assange is making millions Americans like myself who never gave him a thought, despise him.  I also thought favorably about Russia prior to their attempts to help Trump… now it’s clear they are our enemy.

If Republicans emails were to be hacked, stolen and published for the world to see, I’m sure people would be outraged by the contents of Republican’s emails.  Just imagine what could be found in Trump’s campaign emails or emails from Republican congressmen.

Trump’s getting Elected is partly WikiLeaks Julian Assange’s Fault. He is responsible for Republicans taking over the White House and possibly appointing Conservative Partisan Supreme Court Judges.

Assange only seems to care about his personal vendetta against Hillary, and to hell with the people of the United States who will suffer from Trump being elected.

Why does Julian Assange have a vendetta against Hillary? It may be because according to various reports, she called on President Obama to prosecute the Wikileaks site after its 2010 leak of State Department cables.

Let’s not forget that Assange is conspiring with Russia to influence the outcome of an election and is therefore a threat to the National Security of the United States.

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency and the Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command has stated “There shouldn’t be any doubt in anybody’s mind,” he says, “This was not something that was done casually. This was not something that was done by chance. This was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily. This was a conscious effort by a nation state to achieve a specific effect” as documented in a article and video at

Roger Stone claims he has ‘perfectly legal back channel’ to Julian Assange

Roger Stone, a former adviser to Donald Trump, wrote on Saturday night that he had a “perfectly legal back channel” to Julian Assange, whose organization WikiLeaks published emails related to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that intelligence agencies say were hacked by Russian intelligence. Stone then deleted the message.


A recent articleJulian Assange lawyers to appeal to Donald Trump to end US probe” states “Lawyers working on behalf of Julian Assange have revealed they will appeal to US President-elect Donald Trump to end a criminal investigation into the WikiLeaks founder.

If President Trump does give Julian Assange a pardon, it will be clear he’s doing a favor to  Julian Assange who helped Trump get elected using hacked & stolen documents and it will be proof of Donald Trump’s lawlessness and incompetence. I will demand that Democrat leaders call Trump out and do everything possible to have Trump impeached.

Every American who is outraged about Trump winning the Presidency should write to the Ecuadorian government + embassy and demand that they expel Assange so he can face Justice.



The WikiLeaks-Russia connection started way before the 2016 election

Julian Assange insists, against all evidence, that the hacked Democratic emails WikiLeaks published didn’t come from Russian intelligence services. “Our source is not the Russian government,” he said in a Tuesday interview with Fox News ‘s Sean Hannity. This is a touch hard to believe.

Roger Stone claims he has ‘perfectly legal back channel’ to Julian Assange

Roger Stone, a former adviser to Donald Trump, wrote on Saturday night that he had a “perfectly legal back channel” to Julian Assange, whose organization WikiLeaks published emails related to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that intelligence agencies say were hacked by Russian intelligence. Stone then deleted the message.


WikiLeaks publishes ‘biggest ever leak of secret CIA documents’

The US intelligence agencies are facing fresh embarrassment after WikiLeaks published what it described as the biggest ever leak of confidential documents from the CIA detailing the tools it uses to break into phones, communication apps and other electronic devices.

Sources: US prepares charges against WikiLeaks’ Assange

US authorities have prepared charges to seek the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, US officials familiar with the matter tell CNN.



Newt Gingrich Wrong, Megyn Kelly Right

Megyn Kelly is right by telling Newt Gingrich that he nor she knows if Donald Trump is a sexual predator.  It is easy for Trump and his supporters to say all his accusers are lying because each claim would be almost impossible to prove unless the instances were videotaped.  Dismissing the woman’s claims by saying they are all lying is being ignorant and close minded.

The women’s claims do match the pattern described by Trump himself in the access Hollywood video tape.

In Video clip obtained by the Washington Post, Donald Trump sitting on tour bus and conversing with Billy Bush, Access Hollywood TV host is heard bragging; “You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.” “Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.”

Trump Sexual Assault Allegations

Trump Accuser Demands Release Of Documents On All His Sexual Assault Allegations

A woman who accused President Donald Trump of unwanted groping has subpoenaed all documents held by his presidential campaign about any harassment and assault allegations against him, BuzzFeed News reported Saturday.

A woman who accused President Donald Trump of unwanted groping has subpoenaed all documents held by his presidential campaign about any harassment and assault allegations against him


Eight women accuse Trump of sexual harassment

Eight women have come forward and accused Donald Trump of sexual assault and harassment. Trump has denied all of the allegations, calling himself a “victim.”


In Video clip obtained by the Washington Post, Donald Trump sitting on tour bus and conversing with Billy Bush, Access Hollywood TV host is heard bragging; “You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.” “Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.”



Donald Trump’s Conduct at Presidential Debate


Donald Trump acted like a UN-educated, mean spirited, obnoxious, loud mouth bully at the Presidential Debate

Rachel Maddow showcases TRUMP’S bizarre, rude behavior at the Presidential Debate

Data suggests Clinton won first debate

America Has a Republican Problem and the Media is to Blame×314

Donald Trump is a distraction from the fact that the mainstream media has pretended the GOP is a normal party with values just to the right. Now the country is paying the price.

The MSM continue to treat the Republican Party as if it were just another constellation of ideology and policy — another way of governing the country, even though this campaign season, if not the last 30 years, should have disabused journalists of that notion. Today’s GOP is closer to a religious cult than a political institution. It operates on dogma, sees compromise as a moral failing and views enemies as pagans who must be vanquished.  Full story at

Country Music Sucks

I never have liked Country Music.

I grew up around dumb-ass hicks in Kentucky and I always hated Country Music. The lyrics are about stupid “cry in your beer” subjects like “I just lost my job” , “my wife ran off and left me” and “my dog done died” and “That Ain’t my Truck”.

The type of bands I like are Metallica, Linkin Park, Rush, 9 Inch Nails, Blink 182, Fiction Plane, Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Dokken etc.

Republicans are the biggest Country Music Lovers.  Now I know why I always hated country music… because I never could stand rednecks, bullies and dumb-ass gun toten’ hicks… and they are the type of people who primarily like Country Music.

Remove Arizona Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery From Office

Arizona Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery (Republican) is Unfit for Office for calling a Veteran a Enemy of the US and for being against legalizing marijuana /cannabis / grass / weed / pot.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 58 percent of Americans favor legalizing marijuana

In U.S., 58% Back Legal Marijuana Use – Gallup

Most Republicans are against legalizing marijuana and are engaged in efforts to block legalizing marijuana.

This is another example of how Republicans are out of step with what most Americans want, how Republicans doesn’t listen to their constituents or care what they want, and how they want to FORCE their beliefs and moral convictions down the throats of the people they are supposed to be serving.


Republicans are backward thinking and a Political Party of the Past which has no place in the 21 Century.  The Republican Party will eventually disintegrate because Millennials hate conservatives and conservative thinking.


County Attorney To Vietnam Veteran: “You’re My Enemy.”

Recall Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery


Cannabis Debate: Bill Montgomery Talks About What God Wants; Calls Vet an “Enemy”

Are Veterans Who Use Cannabis Really Our “Enemies”?

Maricopa County Attorney bans new iPhones because Apple is ‘on the side of terrorists’

Millennials Hate Conservatives

Mike Pence Sucks

Syncopath Mike Pence makes a fool out of himself
mimicking Trump’s every move


Who is Mike Pence?

Mike Pence is anti-Mulan, anti-evolution, and pro-cigarettes — here’s how he made it being a heartbeat away from the presidency.


George Will explains why he wrote that VP Mike Pence is worse than President Trump and elaborates on his use of the word “oleaginous” to define Pence in his latest column.


Mike Pence LIED numerous times at the VP Debate. This proves he can’t be trusted and is unfit to serve in Public Office


Mike Pence Caught in False Claims



Pence anti-gay extremism often overlooked on national stage

Rachel Maddow shows that even though he didn’t get much scrutiny during the campaign, Vice president-elect Mike Pence is one of America’s most extreme anti-gay elected officials


In my opinion, Mike Pence Sucks for signing and condoning a law legalizing discrimination against gays / LGBT,  Attacking Social Security & Medicare and other right wing policies.

To be clear, under the law Mike Pence signed, a business could refuse service to anyone who they THINK looks gay on the basis of being against the business owner’s religion.

Imagine being denied service because someone thinks you LOOK gay and legally being denied recourse against the person / business which did you wrong. That’s the type of country we will live in if Republicans get their way…. a country were discrimination is legal and no recourse against businesses and individuals who engage in discrimination.

Trump has proved he has no concerns about democracy and people being discriminated against.  Otherwise, he would not have chosen a repressive idiot as his running mate.

When I look at Mike Pence I think “Horse & Buggies” because he belongs in the 1800’s. His values are regressive, oppressive and from a bygone era.

There’s NO WAY most Americans would vote for Pence who is for the TPP, against Unions, against raising the minimum wage, anti-women’s choice, cutting social security & medicare and signed a law legalizing discrimination against gays.

If Pence had run in the primary, he would have lost.  In fact, he would have probably been relegated to the “kids table” debates and not been allowed on the main stage.

Trump promised he would “Hire the Best People”.  He’s already proved that statement is a lie by choosing Pence as his VP and Steve Bannon from Breitbart, who is loved by the KKK & the American Nazi Party as his Chief of Staff.  (Article: KKK, American Nazi Party praise Trump’s hiring of Bannon – click here to read )



Mike Pence Tells Wrongfully Convicted Man He Won’t Act On Pardon Request

After waiting more than two years to act on the request, Pence informed Keith Cooper this week that he would not grant his pardon “out of respect for the judicial process.” Posted on September 28, 2016, at 12:24 p.m.

Mike Pence refused to Pardon an Innocent Man “out of respect for the judicial process.”

Allowing an innocent man to stay in prison shows that PENCE is (in my option) is a Heartless, Callous, Apathetic, Inhumane, Poor-Excuse-for a Human-Being, BASTARD. And Pence pretends to be a GOOD CHRISTIAN.


Mike Pence is Anti-Women’s Rights / Anti-Choice

Pence has instituted some of the most restrictive reproductive rights laws in the country.

Mike Pence has a Long History Attacking Social Security & Medicare

Here’s a quote from National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare, President/CEO Max Richtman, about Trump picking Pence as his VP…

“By choosing Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has sent a very clear message to America’s seniors that their priorities will hold little weight in a Trump administration.  During his decade-plus tenure in the U.S. Congress, Mike Pence consistently voted in favor of legislative efforts to cut benefits in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He has a long history of blaming earned benefit programs for America’s economic woes and supporting middle-class benefit cuts to protect tax cuts for the wealthy. Few members of Congress have an anti-seniors voting record as consistently strong as Mike Pence.

Mike Pence was one of Congress’ biggest proponents of privatization. He supports cutting Social Security benefits by raising the retirement age, reducing the COLA, means-testing and turning Medicare into “CouponCare.” As he told CNN, ‘I’m an all of the above guy.  I think we need to look at everything that’s on the menu,’ and the record shows he has done just that by supporting every form of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefit cut proposed in the past decade.

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare scored Mike Pence at 0% on issues important to seniors during the 2011-2012 Congress since he voted for multiple pieces of legislation that would cut benefits and programs that protect senior’s health and financial security.”

More Details About Mike Pence as Reported at…


Pence Signed Legislation Enacting Harsh Sentencing For Drug Offenses Opposed By Indiana Legal Groups.

Pence, A Supposed Criminal Justice Reform Candidate, Has Actually Passed Numerous Measures That Support Mass Incarceration.

Pence Signed Tax Cuts For Corporations, High-Income Individuals That Failed In Other Red States.

Pence Signed Law Capping Indiana Minimum Wage, Employee Benefits.

Pence Defended State’s Union-Busting “Right-To-Work” Laws

Pence’s Indiana Education Record Has Focused On Boosting Privatization

Pence Has Numerous Connections To A Right-Wing-Funded Indiana School Choice PAC And National Education Privatization Groups.

Pence Is A Climate Science Denier

Pence Has Repeatedly Tried To Block The EPA’s Landmark Climate Change Plan

The Journal Gazette: “Pence Defies EPA, Pleasing Donors.” The Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne, IN, reported that in opposing the EPA Clean Power Plan, Pence was “standing with big political donors,” including utilities and coal companies that have contributed almost $2 million to his campaign and the foundation that “funds economic development travel for Pence”

Pence Helped Kill Indiana’s Successful Energy Efficiency Program

Pence Received A Low 4 Percent Lifetime Score On LCV’s Environmental Scorecard

The NRA Praised Pence For Adopting Its Radical Agenda

Pence Is A Long-Time Obamacare Opponent

Pence Signed Indiana’s Notorious Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill Into Law

Pence Was Surrounded By Anti-LGBT Extremists When He Signed The Bill Into Law.

Pence Has A Long History Of Anti-LGBT Activism

Pence Signed a Anti-Choice Bill That Would Place Multiple New Restrictions On Abortion

Was a Republican Congressman and Self-Described “Rush Limbaugh On Decaf” Conservative Radio Host


All False statements involving Mike Pence

PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.


Here’s a list of False Statements made by Mike Pence which include the statement “Hillary Clinton took 13 hours to send help to Americans under fire during the terrorist attack in Benghazi”, which is a LIE


J.K. Rowling slams Mike Pence with 1 biblical tweet on January 30, 2017


More articles about Mike Pence below;

Mike Pence’s Long History Attacking Social Security & Medicare

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has chosen one of Congress’ most aggressive Social Security privatization supporters to serve as his Vice President. Indiana Governor and former Congressman, Mike Pence’s record on issues important to seniors, particularly cutting benefits to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

This is who Donald Trump has reportedly selected to be his VP

Donald Trump has reportedly selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, according to the Indianapolis Star and other outlets.It’s a move that will surely appeal to the religious right, a constituency Trump has courted by meeting with evangelical leaders and promising to appoint anti-abortion Supreme Court justices.

Mike Pence, Trump’s Likely VP Pick, Is Too Anti-Gay Even for Republicans

Loser The Indiana governor and culture warrior would balance the ticket with a twice-divorced, proud philanderer at the top-except he legalized discrimination against LGBT people with a law so extreme other GOP states rejected it. In choosing Mike Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump has shored up the GOP’s religious base.


Humans are Destroying the Earth

Permafrost Is Melting

As the name suggests, permafrost is supposed to stay frozen. But climate change is starting to melt it, releasing planet-warming methane.

Conservatives / Republicans are the most  fervent believers in the bible and religion. Religion has made many religious people believe God made this planet for them to do with as they please.

They don’t believe in climate change and are largely unscientific.

They believe this is the only planet in the universe which has life on it. Some religious fanatics believe God will personally protect this planet so it’s impossible for humans to destroy it.  Some think the end is near and therefore don’t care if this planet is being destroyed.

Owners of the large corporations which are causing the destruction of this planet are primarily Republicans.  Most care more about profit than protecting the environment.

Republican congressmen are protecting corporations which pollute the environment by obstructing passage of anti-pollution legislation.

Conservatives / Republicans want to make abortion illegal, thus further expanding the population of humans on this planet.  They are against gays who are doing this planet and humanity a favor by not expanding the human population.

Republicans / Conservatives and people who think like them across this planet are responsible for almost everything which is wrong in this world and they are responsible for the destruction of the earth.

Republicans are the biggest game hunters and kill animals for sport.  It doesn’t seem to occur to them that animals may have souls and have a right to live and be left alone.

Listen to this Republican Representative Paul Broun who says Evolution, Embryology, and Big Bang Theory are “Lies from the Pit of Hell”. He’s a classic example of how stupid and unscientific Republicans are.

Sign the Petition

U.S. Senate: Stop Hunters from Killing Innocent Bear and Wolf Families!

3-6-17 The Republican dominated House of Representatives has voted to overturn bans protecting bear species from being hunted during hibernation, when they’re most vulnerable and defenseless. The legislation would also allow innocent wolf families, including pups and their mothers, to be slaughtered in their dens.

Republicans need to be removed from holding political office and positions of power.


I have always disliked overly macho guys and guys who look like hicks and act like rednecks.  It turns out that most of the guys who are rednecks vote for Republicans, so that’s another reason why I instinctively don’t like Republicans.

When I was in my teens & 20’s I was a skinny, long-haired musician. As such, sometimes I had to put up with stupid comments by rednecks who couldn’t mind their own business and who found it necessary to make stupid comments.

A band I was in had a gig in Lexington, KY.  When we were carrying our equipment into the club, there were some stupid rednecks setting at the bar.

One of them yelled at the bass player who was skinny, had long hair and wore glasses…

“Do you squat when you pee? he yelled with a hick, country accent.

The bass player of course ignored the idiot who made the comment.

That’s the type of conduct which is typical of rednecks. Dumb-asses who can’t keep their mouth shut or mind their own business… and looking for a fight to prove their dick is bigger than yours.

So to all of you Macho Republican Rednecks… they say that ignorance is bliss, so enjoy your stupidity.




Chuck Grassley Sucks


Senator Chuck Grassley is failing to do his job by obstructing President Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee. #DoYourJob

Iowans Punish Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley For His Obama Obstruction

Democrats are mocking Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley’s “very bad recess” because it was a recess full of angry constituents demanding that he do his job. Of course Grassley has no intention of doing the job he is paid to do, and was left holding the McConnell bag of excuses, which are – as I’m sure you’ve heard – très flimsy.

Chuck Grassley, The Do-Nothing Chairman

To: Interested Parties From: Ari Rabin-Havt, Senior Fellow, People for the American Way; Billy Corriher, Director of Research, Legal Progress, Center For American Progress Date: May 11, 2016 Re: Chuck Grassley, The Do-Nothing Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley’s (R-IA) refusal to hold a hearing on President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court…


Ted Cruz Right Wing Nut Job


Ted Cruz is a Right Wing Religious Fanatic who believes he was Destined for Greatness and an Anointed King who will bring about the End of Times Transfer of Wealth


Who is Ted Cruz? Conservative Republican Senator of Texas

Here’s how Ted Cruz went from keeping dildos out of Texas, to taking sketchy loans from Goldman Sachs, to getting bullied out of the race for president


Ted Cruz may be one of the most dangerous persons to ever run for president. He believes he is an ‘anointed king’ to bring about the “End of Times Transfer of Wealth”.



All False statements involving Ted Cruz

PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.

Ted Cruz is one of the biggest liars ever to run for president. Here’s a list of false statements made by Ted Cruz as reported by PolitiFact


Rafael Cruz, Ted’s Dad brainwashed his son into believing that God Destined Him For Greatness. Ted Cruz claims to credits his Iowa presidential primary victory to divine intervention.

Rafael Cruz described his son’s political campaign as a direct fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Ted Cruz therefore believes he was destined to be President and believes he is entitled to be president because it’s the will of God that he becomes President.

Like ISIS, he believes in no separation between Church and State.

Ted Cruz is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s cunning and very careful about picking & choosing his words. He doesn’t speak like a normal person… he speaks in sound byte phrases.


Have you ever noticed Ted Cruz’s strange quirk when he talks and people applauds?

Electing this lunatic would be a catastrophic mistake.



Ted Cruz Punchable Face

ted cruz punchable face

The 13 most punchable faces in America

A Neurologist Explains Why You Hate Ted Cruz’s Face

Science shows why Ted Cruz has such a punchable face

Rafael Cruz Lies Exposed

In the above video, Rafael Cruz is exposed by Chris Matthews for making a totally false statement by claiming that President Obama doesn’t use “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance

Republicans Condone School Paddling

Video of School Spanking in a Jasper County Georgia School Re-Ignites Debate Over Corporal Punishment in Schools

A Georgia mother’s video of school administrators apparently paddling her 5-year-old son has sparked social media discussion on the merits of corporal punishment. Shana Perez of Covington posted the video of the principal and assistant principal trying to spank the boy.  The little 5 year old boy can be heard yelling “help me mommy”.

She admits she gave permission for her son to be paddled, but asserted she did so to avoid going to jail.



As shown in this map, 19 states primarily ran by REPUBLICAN administrations allows paddling in schools; Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

Corporal punishment’s strong support in the South seems to be rooted in a number of cultural factors, including a strict interpretation of the Bible, a conservative approach to law and order, and the legacy of using of violence to control people, as in slavery, said David Finkelhor, who heads the Crimes against Children Research Center and Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire.

More than three-dozen countries have banned corporal punishment, part of the spread of human rights advocacy in recent decades.

Child-development researchers say physical punishment for children is misguided since non-physical discipline has been shown to be more effective.

Donald Greydanus, the founding chair of the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at Western Michigan University, said he’s found that many Americans, even when presented with evidence that corporal punishment damages children, prefer to stick with what they’re already doing.

“What I’ve noticed is if you have science that says don’t do this but if your personal beliefs, religious beliefs, what your parents taught you is the opposite, a lot of people will go with the opposite rather than the science,”

This is another example of how Republicans thinking and values are from the past and why they should not be elected to ANY public office.

Full story at

How Ted Cruz Won the Senate

Ted Cruz, born of a tiny turnout, sees new scrutiny after wins
Rachel Maddow tells the story of how good timing allowed Ted Cruz to defeat a better-known candidate in a Senate race with an abnormally small turnout, the only election in which Cruz has ever run, and notes that Cruz is likely to be subjected to greater scrutiny after his Wisconsin win.

DC Madam Lawyer Files May Alter 2016 Race

Lawyer for D.C. madam Deborah Palfrey is asking the Supreme Court for permission to release his client’s phone records because the contents of those records may have a direct effect on the 2016 presidential race.

This link is supposed to connect to the phone records download –

Kentuckians are Stupid

FOCUS | Mitch McConnell Is the Cancer of the U.S. Senate

Gibson writes: “Never before in our history has the U.S. Senate been as unproductive as the U.S. Senate post-2008. Even the staunchly obstructionist Republicans during FDR’s tenure got more done than our current Senate.” Senator Mitch McConnell’s seat is in play.

Kentuckians are Stupid for voting for Republicans who do nothing for average Joe Americans & re-electing the worst congressman ever, Mitch McConnell to the Senate, over and over again.

This bastard is paid a HUGE salary by tax payers and he does NOTHING. Just looking at this ugly turtle faced bastard makes me SICK.

The stupidity of the masses of people who votes for  DO-NOTHING Republicans is Mind-Boggling.

Republicans Refuse to End War Drugs and Make Marijuana Legal

In almost every State Republicans Control, they refuse to end the US Failed War Drugs and Make Marijuana Legal even though 67% of American’s want pot legalized.

In 2014, a national survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 67% of Americans say that the government should focus more on providing treatment for those who use illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

This is anther example of how Republican politicians don’t give a dam about what the people they are supposed to be serving wants, how they cram what they want down the American people throats and how there’s no read democracy in the US because of Republicans


5 Ways Alcohol is MORE Dangerous than Marijuana

Ever since Reefer Madness, myths and rumors about the negative health effects of marijuana have crowded out actual scientific evidence about pot. But new research is telling us that marijuana use is actually much healthier and better for your body than alcohol consumption

Mitch McConnell Tied To Millions In Cocaine

Video Title: Mitch McConnell Tied To Millions In Cocaine

Video Description from Youtube: “Before the Ping May, a rusty cargo vessel, could disembark from the port of Santa Marta en route to the Netherlands in late August, Colombian inspectors boarded the boat and made a discovery. Hidden in the ship’s chain locker, amidst its load of coal bound for Europe, were approximately 40 kilograms, or about ninety pounds, of cocaine. A Colombian Coast Guard official told The Nation that there is an ongoing investigation.

The seizure of the narcotics shipment in the Caribbean port occurred far away from Kentucky, the state in which Senator Mitch McConnell is now facing a career-defining election. But the Republican Senate minority leader has the closest of ties to the owner of the Ping May, the vessel containing the illicit materials: the Foremost Maritime Corporation, a firm founded and owned by McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family.

Though Foremost has played a pivotal role in McConnell’s life, bestowing the senator with most of his personal wealth and generating thousands in donations to his campaign committees, the drug bust went unnoticed in Kentucky, where every bit of McConnell-related news has generated fodder for the campaign trail.”

Rep Jack Kingston Sucks for Wanting Students to Sweep Floors

GOP Congressman Proposes That Poor Students Sweep Floors In Exchange For Lunch

WASHINGTON — Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) wants kids to learn early in life that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. To make sure they absorb that lesson, he’s proposing that low-income children do some manual labor in exchange for their subsidized meals.

I think Republican Representative Jack Kingston Sucks and is reprehensible for wanting Poor Students to Sweep Floors in Exchange for Lunch at Schools.

He and other Republican congressmen are in no position to be calling people out for not working.

The above scheduled shows congressmen rarely go to “work”, and we they do show up for “work”, all most Republican congressmen do is OBSTRUCT and do nothing to help Average Joe Americans.


Republicans has no problem giving away Millions & Billions to the rich but begrudge giving anything to the middle class & the poor.

If this country minded it’s own business like George Washington said we should in his farewell address, and spent less on the military, bombs and wars, we would have no debt and plenty of money to take care of the less fortunate.


Poor and hungry? Awww! How about a little manual labor to teach you a life lesson?

‘Awww, your family is poor and you’re hungry. Well, we will let you eat but then you’ll have to grab that broom and sweep the floor in order to “pay” for that meal.’ That about sums up the attitude of former Georgia congressional representative Jack Kingston in this video from three years ago.


Trey Radel Busted For Cocaine

Congressman Who Voted For Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients Busted For Cocaine

Representative Trey Radel was a major proponent of Republican legislation to make food stamp recipients submit to drug tests before receiving assistance. The proposal for those on food stamps to urinate in cups to prove they’re not on drugs received widespread praise from Republicans.



Threats of Violence by Right Wing Conservatives

CEO Threatens To ‘Start Killing People’ Over Possible Obama Gun Policy

One CEO says he’s willing to go to outrageous lengths to protect his right to use a gun. James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, a Tennessee company that trains people in weapon and tactical skills, claimed in a video posted on YouTube and Facebook that he would “start killing people” if President Barack Obama decides to take executive action to pass further gun control policies, Raw Story reports.

In the above video, James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response of Camden, TN – web address:, threatened to ‘Start Killing People’ if President Barack Obama were to take executive action to pass further gun control policies, but was never arrested.


State suspends gun carry permit for TN man who made viral video in which he threatened to ‘Start Killing People’

Within a few days after posting the above video, Mr. Yeager recanted his threats but the fact remains that he DID threaten to “Start Killing People”.


Another example of conservative right-wingers making a threat to kill someone was Republican Rep. Michael Grimm, who threatened to Kill a Reporter and nothing was done about it, as shown in the video above.


In the above video with Martin Bashir, Ted Nugent said at a NRA convention… ‘I Will Either Be Dead or in Jail’ if Obama Is Re-elected.  Nugent claims that he wasn’t threatening to kill President Obama but to most people, it sounded like a threat.  Nugent was visited by the Secret Service and that was all that was done about his comment.

NRA’s Ted Nugent compares Democrats to “rabid coyotes”: “Keep your gun handy, and every time you see one, you shoot one”

From the April 6 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show: Loading the player reg… TED NUGENT (NRA BOARD MEMBER): Don’t ask why. Just know that evil, dishonesty, and scam artists have always been around and that right now they’re liberal, they’re Democrat, they’re RINOs, they’re Hollywood, they’re fake news, they’re media, they’re academia, and they’re half of our government, at least.

Nugent has made numerous comments advocating death and violence to people like “Clinton and Obama To Be Hanged Over Benghazi” and recently calling for Democrats to be shot as indicated in the above article.

Can’t understand why Nugent hasn’t been arrested, prosecuted and put in prison for death threats and advocating violence.


Trump Supporter Shoots at a Cutout of High School Student David Hogg and talks about Civil War



If you type “high school student threaten to kill people” in google or bing, you will find page after page of stories about high school students who made threats who were arrested.

Here’s an example; Student arrested for threatening to kill at school

Since law enforcement didn’t arrest and prosecute Yeager,   Republican Rep. Michael Grimm or Ted Nugent then everyone who has made similar threats who were arrested / prosecuted should be freed from prison. And anyone who makes such threats in the future should be treated the same as Yeager, Republican Rep. Michael Grimm or Ted Nugent and not arrested and prosecuted.

This is a matter of Equal and Fair Justice.

This highlights how screwed up our Justice system is that some can get off scot-free making threats and other gets put in prison for making similar threats.

This appears to be another example of how there’s two “Justices Systems” where high profile people can make threats to kill people and get away with it while “Average Joes” get the book thrown at them.

This article, US Justice System Sucks has many examples of what a hopeless mess our “Justice System” is and how UN-just our laws are.

Lyndon B. Johnson Responsible for JFK’s Assassination

Not only do Republicans suck… but so do some Democrats. I think LBJ was one of the worst.  My impression of LBJ is that he was not only responsible for the needless deaths of tens of thousands of our troops, 100’s of thousands of Vietnamese but he was responsible for JFK’s Assassination.

The above videos claim Lyndon B. Johnson was responsible for JFK’s Assassination.