Trump Being Praised Like a Dictator

In a bizarre scene like you’d expect to see in a place like North Korea, Donald Trump spent the first part of his first cabinet meeting having his appointees take turns heaping praise on him.  These sad people understand that the only way to stay in Trump’s favor is by telling him how great he is.

All the while, not a word from Republicans about this outrageous display.  If Trump were a Democrat, we’d never hear the end of it. Just goes to show what hypocrites and morally bankrupt people Republicans are.

If Trump’s cabinet members had any decency and self respect, they would quit before stooping so low as to kiss this nut-case’s ass in such a degrading way.

What Trump needs is a good dose of reality. His cabinet members should have each taken turns telling him how he sucks & what an idiot he is… then quit, one at a time.


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