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Trump Is Nuts


In my opinion, Donald Trump is Nuts as demonstrated by the crazy things he says and does. Videos & articles on this page shows examples of his unhinged behavior.

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Trump Exhibits Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Experts within the psychological and psychiatric community have expressed concern that Donald Trump is too unstable and impulsive to have access to U.S. nuclear codes.


9 Ways Donald Trump Is A Sociopath


Psychologists warn that Trump is displaying classic signs of being mentally ill


Video: Two SHRINKS talks about TRUMP’s Extreme NARCISSISM

According to an article from rawstory.com, top U.S. psychologists like Harvard professor and researcher Howard Gardner have stated that Donald Trump is a textbook narcissist. The article states that “he fits the profile so well that clinical psychologist George Simon told Vanity Fair, He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops. This puts Trump in the same category as a number of infamous dictators like Muammar Gaddafi, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Saddam Hussein. And although there are narcissists out there who entertain us, innovate, or create great art, when a narcissist is given immense power over people’s lives, they can behave much differently”.


Read the description of Gaslighing below and see if you think it also fits Trump.

A favorite tactic of manipulators, used to obstruct and distort their victim’s understanding of reality. Intentionally setting up misdeeds, and then questioning the victim’s sanity for reacting to those misdeeds. Rewriting history, or blatantly denying that the event ever took place. Dismissing the victim’s legitimate concerns with labels like “crazy”, “hysterical” and “sensitive”. Gaslighters are patronizing, unapologetic, and above all, they are cowardly. They are seeking power and control over compassionate human beings.

Johns Hopkins’ Top Psychologist Releases Terrifying Diagnosis of President Trump

One of the nation’s top psychologists just broke one of his profession’s ethics rules to give President Donald Trump a professional diagnosis. John D. Gartner, a psychotherapist who teaches at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, told US News that he believes Trump has “malignant narcissism,” which is incurable, and different from narcissistic personality disorder.



The above article claims that 91% of the things TRUMP says is false. Click here to read the article.

trump lies 20x a day

The above article claims Trump lies 20 to 37 times a day. Click here to read the article


Trump’s false statements at the Presidential Debates


Trump is one of the biggest Flop Floppers ever to run for President


The video above exposes how Trump gives answers which lacks details of what he would do to fix any of the problems he’s asked about


Ex-Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg Calls Donald Trump a Con Man


Trump University Scandal


Women Accuse Trump of Assault


History of Violence


176 Shocking Things Donald Trump Has Done This Election


Jailing Hillary!? Trump’s Outrageous Case for Dictatorship


Why Donald Trump is Obsessed with Dictators


Donald Trump and His Uncanny Resemblance to Horror


Reports that Russia is trying to disrupt our election. Is Donald Trump a Manchurian Candidate?


Carl Bernstein: ‘There Is Open Discussion’ Among GOP Officials That Trump Is Mentally Unstable


Video Title: The Sociopath


For year, Trump made the false claim that President Obama was not an American citizen

The above video shows Trump being confronted by Wolf Blitzer in which Wolf demanded proof of Trumps crazy claims and Trump NEVER produced any proof.

Notice how Trump uses a familiar tactic to DE-legitimize & put down CNN and Wolf Blitzer by saying CNN’s rating are low.


Trump’s Presidency Is the Twilight Zone Episode About a Terrifying 6-Year-Old

If there was some lingering hope among Republican professionals that Donald Trump would somehow, as the old cliché has it, “grow” into the office, his first 48 hours as president dispelled it immediately. The White House is already jittery with fright at the unpredictability of a childlike figure who has been handed terrifying powers, like the famous Twilight Zone episode about a 6-year-old-boy with magical abilities.


The first days inside Trump’s White House: Fury, tumult and a reboot

President Trump had just returned to the White House on Saturday from his final inauguration event, a tranquil interfaith prayer service, when the flashes of anger began to build. Trump turned on the television to see a jarring juxtaposition – massive demonstrations around the globe protesting his day-old presidency and footage of the sparser crowd at his inauguration, with large patches of white empty space on the Mall.

Trump’s Aides Leak Embarrassing Story About How He Can’t Handle Embarrassment

The president is a 70-year-old child whose TV time must be closely monitored – because any news story that upsets his ego will trigger a temper tantrum followed by irrational demands that his indulgent, overwhelmed guardians will be helpless to refuse. Or so Donald Trump’s aides keep confiding to the nearest available reporter.

Press Says Transcript of Trump’s ABC Interview is ‘Bonkers’ and ‘F*cking Nuts’

ABC News made quite a scoop last night when they scored a lie-filled one-on-one interview with Donald Trump in the White House. Trump was at his best, which means his worst, and the entire interview has to be seen to be believed.

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