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Ted Cruz Heretic and Antichrist

Ted Cruz may be one of the most dangerous person to ever run for president.  He believes he is an ‘anointed king’ to bring about the “End of Times Transfer of Wealth”.



Ted Cruz is one of the biggest liars ever to run for president. Here’s a list of false statements made by Ted Cruz as reported by PolitiFact – http://politifact.com/personalities/ted-cruz/statements/byruling/false/.

Rafael Cruz, Ted’s Dad brainwashed his son into believing that God Destined Him For Greatness. Rafael Cruz described his son’s political campaign as a direct fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Ted Cruz therefore believes he was destined to be President and believes he is entitled to be president because it’s the will of God that he becomes President.

Ted Cruz claims to credits his Iowa presidential primary victory to divine intervention.  A more believable credit for divine intervention would have been for Ted Cruz to have won the state of New York, which he didn’t.  Almost anyone would agree that it would have taken a miracle for Cruz to have won New York.

Like ISIS, he believes in no separation between Church and State.  He also believes the end times are near and if elected, he may engage in an all out war in the Mid-East which could cause WW III.

Ted Cruz is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He’s cunning and very careful about picking & choosing his words.  He doesn’t speak like a normal person… he speaks in sound byte phrases.

Have you ever noticed Ted Cruz’s strange quirk when he talks and people applauds?

Electing this lunatic could be a catastrophic mistake.