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Humans are Destroying the Earth

Conservatives / Republicans are the most  fervent believers in the bible and religion. Religion has made many religious people believe God made this planet for them to do with as they please.

They don’t believe in climate change and are largely unscientific.

They believe this is the only planet in the universe which has life on it. Some religious fanatics believe God will personally protect this planet so it’s impossible for humans to destroy it.  Some think the end is near and therefore don’t care if this planet is being destroyed.

Owners of the large corporations which are causing the destruction of this planet are primarily Republicans.  Most care more about profit than protecting the environment.

Republican congressmen are protecting corporations which pollute the environment by obstructing passage of anti-pollution legislation.

Conservatives / Republicans want to make abortion illegal, thus further expanding the population of humans on this planet.  They are against gays who are doing this planet and humanity a favor by not expanding the human population.

Republicans / Conservatives and people who think like them across this planet are responsible for almost everything which is wrong in this world and they are responsible for the destruction of the earth.

Republicans are the biggest game hunters and kill animals for sport.  It doesn’t seem to occur to them that animals may have souls and have a right to live and be left alone.

Listen to this Republican Representative Paul Broun who says Evolution, Embryology, and Big Bang Theory are “Lies from the Pit of Hell”. He’s a classic example of how stupid and unscientific Republicans are.

Republicans need to be removed from holding political office and positions of power.