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US Justice System Sucks

Ms. Sharon Snyder, a 70-year-old great-grandmother and court clerk helped a man gain his freedom who was wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit. He has spent 30 years in prison… that’s 30 years of his life WASTED for a crime he did not commit.

The thanks Snyder got was being fired by Judge David Byrn. Ms. Sharon Snyder was a court clerk for 34 years at the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City, MO.

I think this Judge David Byrn is the one who should be fired.  Posts on the internet indicate that Governor Matt Blunt, a Republican appointed him.

If you want to tell this judge what you think, here’s his contact info: http://www.16thcircuit.org/division-3-judge-david-m-byrn


This same “Justice System” allowed O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman to be found “Not Guilty” while a woman was sentenced to 20-years for firing a warning shot against her abusive husband.

As shown in the above video, Marissa Alexander could now face a 60-year sentence if convicted at a retrial this summer the State Attorney in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court by Angela Corey. If you find this reprehensible, you can call these numbers and voice your opinion;

Duval County Courthouse – 904-630-2075
Gov Rick Scott – 850-488-7146