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WikiLeaks Sucks



Assange Interpol

Julian Assange is Wanted for Sexual Assault Charges by the Swedish Government and is reported to be evading extradition and prosecution through asylum granted by the Ecuadorian government. He is reported to be residing at the Embassy of Ecuador in London

According to various articles Julian Assange is ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ by the U.S. Government and is considered to be a “high-tech” terrorist.


Julian Assange should be arrested for assisting the Russians in publishing criminally stolen documents to help Trump get elected.

Assange will be partly to blame for Women’s Rights and Freedom of Speech being destroyed in the United States if those rights are taken away. Trump has stated that Freedom of Speech should be limited and is for passing Anti-Choice Legislation. Trump has stated he will appoint Anti-Choice Judges to the Supreme Court.

Julian Assange is also helping Republicans, who has rigged two elections, engaged in voter obstruction, blocked President Obama on everything during his entire presidency, who has refused to even consider his Supreme Court Nominee, who wants to cut social security, medicaid, medicare and so many other destructive things they have done, take over the United States government.


CIA Director Mike Pompeo in a speech called WikiLeaks a “hostile intelligence service” aided by Russia and accused WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of making “common cause with dictators.”

Director Pompeo stated “WikiLeaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service. It has encouraged its followers to find jobs at CIA in order to obtain intelligence. It directed Chelsea Manning in her theft of specific secret information. And it overwhelmingly focuses on the United States, while seeking support from anti-democratic countries and organizations”.


By contrast, Trump stated “I love WikiLeaks” because WikiLeaks Julian Assange helped him to become president.

This proves that TRUMP is Lawless by his condoning WikiLeaks actions & conspiracy against the Unites States, it’s citizens and our democracy.

Trump has shown that lawless actions & conduct mean nothing to him, as long as he’s being helped by those actions & conduct.


WikiLeaks Julian Assange Helped the Worst Candidate in US History to Become President

Julian Assange Helped a Candidate who LIES with Impunity

Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False

Politicians running for president are graded by Politfact and the order runs in the way you would expect it to if you find yourself annoyed when Donald Trump is speaking. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, is at the bottom of the list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements.

The above article claims that 91% of the things TRUMP says is false. Click here to read the article.

Donald Trump Destroyed as Fact Checker Reveals Trump Lies 20 to 37 Times Per Day

CNN’s Brian Stelter calls Donald Trump a “uniquely fact-challenged candidate,” which is a prelude to introducing Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, who fact checks every single word Trump utters and tallies them up for his paper.

The above article claims Trump lies 20 to 37 times a day. Click here to read the article


Trump’s false statements at the Presidential Debates


Trump Exhibits Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Trump is one of the biggest Flop Floppers ever to run for President


Ex-Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg Calls Donald Trump a Con Man


Trump University Scandal


Women Accuse Trump of Assault

Trump stated numerous times when he was campaigning that these women’s claims were false and claimed he was going to file lawsuits against them. So far, no lawsuits filed, perhaps because he knows what a scandal it would be for these women’s testimony to be seen by the entire world.  These women could all testify for each other to bolster each others claims.


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176 Shocking Things Donald Trump Has Done This Election


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Reports that Russia is trying to disrupt our election. Is Donald Trump a Russian Agent?


VIDEO TITLE: Newsweek: US allies concerned about Trump possibility

Newsweek cover story by Kurt Eichenwald, “Why the Russians are Backing Trump.”


Intel report: Putin aspired to help Trump


The above videos show what a threat TRUMP is to the United States and the World.


As you can see from the list above, Republicans has done tremendous damage to the United States and the American people.

FBI Examining Faked Documents Aimed at Discrediting Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies are examining faked documents aimed at discrediting the Hillary Clinton campaign as part of a broader investigation into what U.S. officials believe has been an attempt by Russia to disrupt the presidential election. Click here to read article

Our Democracy is under assault by Julian Assang and Russia. By trying to influence our election by releasing hacked & stolen emails, Julian Assange is making millions Americans like myself who never gave him a thought, despise him.  I also thought favorably about Russia prior to their attempts to help Trump… now it’s clear they are our enemy.

If Republicans emails were to be hacked, stolen and published for the world to see, I’m sure people would be outraged by the contents of Republican’s emails.  Just imagine what could be found in Trump’s campaign emails or emails from Republican congressmen.

Trump’s getting Elected is partly WikiLeaks Julian Assange’s Fault. He is responsible for Republicans taking over the White House and possibly appointing Conservative Partisan Supreme Court Judges.

Assange only seems to care about his personal vendetta against Hillary, and to hell with the people of the United States who will suffer from Trump being elected.

Why does Julian Assange have a vendetta against Hillary? It may be because according to various reports, she called on President Obama to prosecute the Wikileaks site after its 2010 leak of State Department cables.

Hillary Clinton may not be a saint but she is the only thing stopping a complete nutcase from becoming President and the Republican Party taking over our Government.  Doesn’t seem Julian Assange has thought about that or gives a dam.

Let’s not forget that Assange is conspiring with Russia to influence the outcome of an election and is therefore a threat to the National Security of the United States.

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency and the Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command has stated “There shouldn’t be any doubt in anybody’s mind,” he says, “This was not something that was done casually. This was not something that was done by chance. This was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily. This was a conscious effort by a nation state to achieve a specific effect” as documented in a article and video at http://theslot.jezebel.com/nsa-head-openly-accuses-russia-of-using-wikileaks-to-ge-1789051302

A recent articleJulian Assange lawyers to appeal to Donald Trump to end US probe” states “Lawyers working on behalf of Julian Assange have revealed they will appeal to US President-elect Donald Trump to end a criminal investigation into the WikiLeaks founder.

If President Trump does give Julian Assange a pardon, it will be clear he’s doing a favor to  Julian Assange who helped Trump get elected using hacked & stolen documents and it will be proof of Donald Trump’s lawlessness and incompetence. I will demand that Democrat leaders call Trump out and do everything possible to have Trump impeached.

Every American who is outraged about Trump winning the Presidency should write to the Ecuadorian government + embassy and demand that they turn Assange over to the Swedish Government.


The WikiLeaks-Russia connection started way before the 2016 election

Julian Assange has a long, long history of ties to Putin’s state.

Roger Stone claims he has ‘perfectly legal back channel’ to Julian Assange

Roger Stone, a former adviser to Donald Trump, wrote on Saturday night that he had a “perfectly legal back channel” to Julian Assange, whose organization WikiLeaks published emails related to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that intelligence agencies say were hacked by Russian intelligence. Stone then deleted the message.

WikiLeaks publishes ‘biggest ever leak of secret CIA documents’

The US intelligence agencies are facing fresh embarrassment after WikiLeaks published what it described as the biggest ever leak of confidential documents from the CIA detailing the tools it uses to break into phones, communication apps and other electronic devices.

Sources: US prepares charges against WikiLeaks’ Assange

The Justice Department investigation of Assange and WikiLeaks dates to at least 2010, when the site first gained wide attention for posting thousands of files stolen by the former US Army intelligence analyst now known as Chelsea Manning. Prosecutors have struggled with whether the First Amendment precluded the prosecution of Assange, but now believe they have found a way to move forward.