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Is Alex Jones Nuts?

I’ve watched Alex Jones videos from time to time. Some I’ve found interesting others makes him seem like he’s nuts. I’ve always found his gritty, gravel voice to be annoying… it sounds like he has vocal cord damage (possibly from screaming at people).

I used to have some respect for Alex Jones until I saw the above video about him making fun of Bernie Sanders and basically calling liberals morons. Now my opinion of Alex Jones is he’s an idiot.

Liberals are peaceful, intelligent people. Most of the artists, musicians, actors and creative people are Liberals.

Conservative are responsible for ignorance, bullying, wars, greed, destruction of the earth due to their use of natural resources and just about everything which is wrong in this world.

Most American Conservative claim to be “Good Christians” when a good deal of their conduct contradicts Christ’s teaching.

Bernie Sanders is one of the few people who stands up for the poor and is calling out rich bastards and Republicans for the damage they are doing to this country.


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