Republican Voter Suppression

In the above video, a computer programmer testifies that a top Florida Republican asked him to develop a computer program which would flip votes.

In the above 2 videos, Former FL GOP admits that the Governor of Florida and other top Republican officials engaged in deliberate efforts to disenfranchise Afro-Americans and people who might vote Democrat.

Former Florida Republican Party Chair Jim Greer testified in a lawsuit filed against his former party that “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies” wanted to suppress the black vote through Voter ID and tactics like current state Gov. Rick Scott’s efforts to purge voter rolls.  Read about it here

States acting to suppress a citizen’s most basic right

Even Fox news acknowledges that Republicans has actively been involved in voter suppression.  They state “In recent months, Latinos have been subjected to many forms of harassment: voter purges, voter ID laws, the threat of closing polls, targeting of nonprofit groups that conduct voter-registration drives, and automated calls designed to confuse people.  At the same time, they are also facing a political witch-hunt in which proof of citizenship laws aimed at undocumented immigrants are used as the excuse to instill fear and confusion among Latino voters” in this article;

AG Holder: ‘We Will Not Sit By’ While Republicans Rig The Electoral College By Ian Millhiser on Apr 5, 2013 at 3:00 pm Click here to read

How can anyone vote for and support a Political party which engages in such hateful, anti-democracy activities.

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