Republican Men Are More Likely to Abuse Women

A British study found conservative / right-wingers brains have a more pronounced amygdala – a primitive part of the brain associated with emotion.

‘The amygdala is a part of the brain which is very old and very ancient and thought to be very primitive and to do with the detection of emotions. The right amygdala was larger in those people who described themselves as conservative.

Republican men are more likely to be Bullies and “Macho”.  Gay men and those who are more sensitive and gentle are more likely to be Liberal / Democrat than Republican.

Due to cultural and religious beliefs, Republican men often feel they have a right to dominate and force women to do what ever they want. This could also be due to their brains being wired to be more primitive as the study suggests.

Several men associated with Trump’s cabinet picks have been accused of abusing women (all Republicans), including Trump himself who was accused by 10 women of being abused by him. Trump admitted to abusing women in the video above.

Exclusive: Puzder’s ex-wife told Oprah he threatened ‘you will pay for this’

The ex-wife of President Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee told “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that he “vowed revenge” when she made public spousal abuse allegations, according to a 1990 tape reviewed by POLITICO on Tuesday night.

Labor secretary Andrew Puzder was accused of abusing his wife.  Above is leaked footage of labor secretary Andrew Puzder ex wife who used the alias, Lisa Fierstein detailing domestic abuse and threats she received during the marriage on Oprah.  She has since retracted her claims. In my opinion (Legal Disclaimer), based on the above tape and statements regarding the original abuse police report, it seems that her retraction was forced and made under threats.


Steve Bannon, CEO for Donald Trump’s campaign, was accused of domestic violence by his then-wife in 1996

How Republicans Fit The Classic Profile Of An Abuser

As a former victim of domestic violence, in another lifetime, I learned a lot about the abusive personality. When it was over, and I was out, I became a domestic violence hotline counselor.

Domestic Violence and the GOP War on Women

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