Owner of this site is not a professional writer. Everything written on this site is only opinions. Owner is exercising his First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech.  Every person mentioned in articles on this site fit the legal definition of a “Public Person“.

If anyone tries to take action to stifle my Freedom of Speech for expressing my opinions on this site, I will contact the American Civil Liberties Union and Civil Rights Attorneys who have offered free legal services to protect and defend Freedom of Speech.

I will file a complaint to the Bar Association of the law firm of the attorney who sends a legal notice and counter sue originator of the lawsuit and the law firm for legal harassment and include other complaints which my attorney deems appropriate and seek millions in damages. Since I have stated that everything on this site is only opinions, a attorney involved in any action against me would be attempting to infringe upon my First Amendment Rights and I would therefore have grounds sue and file complaints to the Bar Association of the offending Attorney(s) and their law firm.

I will have all parties involved in harassing me (attorneys & lawsuit originator) fully investigated by a PI firm. I will research past lawsuits of anyone who tries to bring action against me and use past opposing litigants & witnesses to testify. I will report any / all harassment to the news media, social media and to top level Democrat officials. I will appear on national news networks (and my attorneys will also) & expose details of harassment & examples of offenses Republicans has engaged in against democracy and the American people. This is only a sample of the tactics I can & will use which are all legal.


There is not one post on this site in which I advocate violence.  The shooting which occurred in Washington, DC on 6/14/17 in which Republican congressmen were attacked by a gunman during baseball practice is reprehensible.

There are however, documented cases where Republican / Conservatives made threats to kill people which received national news attention and nothing was ever done about it.  Details at http://republicanssucks.org/man-threatened-to-start-killing-people/