John McCain Grumpy Old Man

For years, McCain has wanted to be President. Not to help Americans and make a real difference.  He… LIKE BUSH, Just wanted to BE President to satisfy his own EGO.

He was asked how many homes he has and he was unable to answer the question. Fact is… he has 7 worth 13 Million Dollars. So when many Americans are trying to hold on to the house they have, RICH Republican McCain has SEVEN HOMES!

And by the way, John McCain got most of his money by dumping his first wife Carol McCain (who was disfigured in a automobile accident) and marrying Cindy Lou Hensley, who has millions. And McCain dated Cindy Lou while he was still married to Carol McCain.

McCain has no idea how difficult it is for most people to try and pay their bills and survive in American today. He therefore does not understand the needs of average Americans and, like BUSH, will not Represent Average Americans. If he were to get elected President, he would (Like BUSH) TOTALLY forget about the Millions of people who voted for him.

If you smoke or have a relative or friend who smokes… you can thank McCain for the high taxes placed on cigarettes and $6 a pack / $40 dollar a carton prices. McCain was the Chief Proponent in the 1990’s for passing legislation which PUNISHES smokers with high taxes placed on all cigarettes. McCain has no regards for people who are addicted to smoking and think’s it’s fine to punish them with high taxes and high prices.

On January 12, 2007, McCain stated on ABC News that he don’t think the American People wants to bring our troops home and leave Iraq without first winning the war. THAT is just one example of how out of touch with reality McCain IS.

Here’s another example; McCain thinks the economy is “strong” and anyone who makes less than 5 Million Dollars a year is “Middle Class”!

“His Own Words”


John McCain and his supporters say he is a war hero. Just because he was in a POW camp for several years does not make him a war hero. There are LOTS of people who has been in POW camps. There are LOTS of people who lost their legs, arms, have been blinded for life, disfigured for life and died over wars which should have NEVER been waged. So McCain is no more a “hero” than thousands of other Americans who suffered far worst than him and died.

McCain says he “Knows How To Win Wars”. Really? If he was so great at winning wars, why then did he end up in a POW Camp? What War has he ever won? Is McCain a Four Star General? DON’T THINK SO.

The Iraq War has not only cost the lives of Thousands of Americans, but the lives on 10’s of thousands of innocent Iraq Citizens. It has cost Trillions of Dollars and put our country in so much debt that we will probably never be able to pay it off. It has made the US the most hated country in the World. And yet, McCain thinks the war in Iraq has been worth the price and we should stay there for 100 years!

Talk about a FLIP FLOPPER, check out these videos of McCain…



Proof that McCain is Just an OLD FART!